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Dare/Ask the Pokesonas!: Dare/Ask the Pokesonas!: 3

by Midnight Heart

Midnight Heart Question is from @Excalibur Queen
Me/Midnight: Next question is from @Excalibur Queen ~ They asked if any of the 'Sonas have ever had crushes on fictional characters, and if so, who~ This should be interesting. :3

Moon: I've had a crush on Lie Ren from RWBY, and Vaughn from Harvest Moon: Island of Happiness. I still like Vaughn though, he's hot~

Zack: Not that I remember.

Dakota: Why would I have a crush on someone who isn't even real?

Tracy: Chat Noir from Miraculous Ladybug ~ :3

Oreo: What does 'fictional' mean? :'|

Max: I-I used to like Sabrina from Harvest Moon: Island of Happiness, she's cute... Though not cuter than Boudica :3

Ralph: Undyne from Undertale. :'|

Twilight: Too many to name, I read a lot of books...

Cinnamon: Nope. :p

Astrid: I do not recall feeling any affection towards a fictional character.

Me/Midnight: Fun fact, I have a crush on Vaughn from Harvest Moon, too. XD


Me/Midnight: ...
  1. Excalibur Queen
    Excalibur Queen
    Tracy's answer though. :)
    Jan 13, 2019
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