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Sky Fulfills: Danny's Story. (Chap 3, Part 1)

by DaVioletAce

DaVioletAce There was once a trainer named Danny,
who plunged into adventures so hollow,
With his quiet strong team,
While the events that roll,
will pressure him hardly through the world.
( Yay, i did it. Sorry for the horrible thing up there. No, this isn't a prophecy. And yes, my Lugia can speak. No matter how absurd. )
Chapter 3: Danny's Story. (PART 1)

"Danny was special. He was crucial so that everyone else could survive. I am Lugia. I was his most special Pokemon. You probably know the strange connection you and Danny share, Daniel. But let me tell you how and why. But you probably already know? You must, you said the word when i told you i'd tell. I dare not talk about Danny to strangers, such as Navel, Teresa and Sally. I must tell you. Your mother was...well she was afraid you'd run away and leave he alone. But you have to know. This is Danny's Story."

"Long before, in the myth of the Pokemon war...

There were humans, humans, children, who believed that a boy who had a D as his first letter was going to end the war.

The war no one wanted to fight."

"Danny was 12 years old when he found me in his summer vacation with his stuck-up parents. His parents didn't care for him. They cared about Danny's sister, Danielle, who was an stuck-up, evil-hearted 12 year old. Monsieur Dakota and Madam Melanie cared only for they're precious Danielle, even though Danielle did not care for them back. That is why Danny and Danielle had to have a battle to end the war. The war started shortly after i was found. Let's travel back to that horrid summer vacation."

""Danny! Danny! You insolent boy! Come back!" Danny's father howled. Danny came lumbering out of the trees, with his sunken eyes. He was a mixture of ugliness and beauty. He wore a orange shirt, covered by a green vest, and wore red shorts. He had brown hair, and wore it like a normal person. He had pale skin from being stuck in his room for so long. But when he finally escaped his jail of a family, he would be very handsome. "Boy! Do you want me to kill you! To lock you in your room for eternity!?" His father shrieked.

You horrible, horrible boy!" shrieked Madam Melanie. I will not give away Madam Melanie and Monsieur Dakota's whereabouts, nor how they look. "You are only jealous of our dear Danielle's existence." huffed Dakota. Danny shook his head. "No, Master." Yes, Danny was forced and doomed to be abused, but after he found me, his life changed. "Ha! As if! Go! Run along! Like i cared if you lived or died!" Dakota hissed. Danny flinched at his touch. "I'm sorry, Master." He knew he could not save himself, but he tried.

Dakota snorted. "I said RUN." he hissed again. Melanie looked absolutely confused, while Danielle gave them a 'This is horrible. How come i'm not allowed to run?'. "I've had enough of your horrible looks, horrible personality - I'M DONE!" Dakota thundered. He pressed his fingers harder on Danny's neck, and raised him high. "Now RUN!" He bellowed. He let go of Danny, who didn't stop running when Dakota and Melanie called him back. Danielle had a white face back at the helicopter. "No." she whispered. She ran after him, ignoring the pleas of her parents.

Danny did not stop, when he heard the clinks and clangs of Danielle's boots. He quickly thought a diversion, and swerved to to the back of the tree, where Danielle followed him, but Danny was fast, and had gone ages ago. Danielle howled in horror. "No! NO NO NO!" Danielle crawled up on the floor. "Lugia will not be found!" She yelled. Danny heard Lugia, but did not stop. He couldn't go back. I'm sorry Danielle, He thought, I have to go. He continued running, feeling more guilty with every cry.
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