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Danny's Kanto adventures


@_SP00KSTER_ZARD_ Danny will pick his starter pokemon from Prof Oak what friends will he meet along the way, what Enemies will he face find out.
Danny woke up to the sound of his alarm clock beeping.
The noise was then shut when Danny turned it off he stretched he then remembered what day it was, It was the Day he would get his starter pokemon from Prof Oak. He then ran to his shower. A couple Minutes later he was wearing his Jeans, shirt and black jacket. He was now packing his items.
"Some clothes would be nice to bring... " He said while Packing
His Mother then came into the room and said "Danny shouldn't you eat first before you leave to get your pokemon"
Danny replied saying "Oh yeah, right"
He later left his house walking to Oaks office. Gary, Oaks grandson saw Danny and said
"Your gonna get a pokemon as well right?"
Danny replied saying "Yeah i am, why are you asking?"
Before Gary could respond Danny ran to the office, Gary then Ran to the office as well. Both boys Entered the office running.
Prof Oak said "Stop running you two, The pokemon are still available." They both stopped.
"Alright now who will pick first?" Oak said
"You can pick first Danny, I mean it's not gonna matter" Gary replied
Danny thought "Which pokemon could i pick Bulbasaur's easy, while Squirtle is good, And then theirs Charmander."
Danny remembered how his father had a Charizard and how awesome he thought that pokemon was.
"Professor Oak I know what pokemon i want." Danny said
"which one?" Professor Oak asked
"Charmander." Danny replied
"It is a hard one to raise are you sure?" Professor Oak Asked Danny
"Yes i am." Danny answered
Prof Oak handed Danny the pokeball.
Gary then said "Fine then i will pick squirtle."
Before Danny was gonna Exit the Office Gary shouted to Danny "I challenge you Danny"
Danny replied by throwing out the ball. A orange Pokemon with a tail that had a flame came out.
It said "Char.. Charmander"
"Charmander use scratch!" Danny told his new Pokemon
Charmander did as he was told. Then the Squirtle bit onto Charmander. Charmander was shouting in pain because of the bite. Charmander regained foot and scratched Squirtle knocking him out.
"That was Beginners luck" Gary said
"Well smellya later Gramps and Danny" Gary said while leaving the office
"Train with your pokemon Danny" Oak said to Danny
"Also i need you to get me a package at Viridian city." Oak said afterwards
"Sure can do." Danny said
Danny then was Greeted by his mother outside the Office. She hugged him.
"I am going to miss you Danny." she said
"Me too" Danny replied
He then left Pallet and was in route 1. Danny's adventure has begun.
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  1. @_SP00KSTER_ZARD_
    (I will trade with you to get Golem) And also what does your character look like, Like the appearance? And what are his goals?
    (Sorry if i am asking to much)
    Aug 17, 2017
  2. Cryronn the Mudkip
    Cryronn the Mudkip
    Pokemon(Future):Spearow(On Route 2), Mankey(In Viridian Forest), Ivysaur(Mt.Moon, evolves from Bulbasaur), Clefairy(Mt.Moon), Unidentified Pokemon(Geodude(Alola) In the grass near the daycare), Fearow(In electric gym, evolves from Spearow), Graveler(Alola, Lavender Town, evolves from Geodude), Primape(Grass gym, evolves from Mankey), Venasaur(Bike Bridge, evolves from Ivysaur), Snorlax(Fuchsia City, blocking our way), Clefable(Saffron City, Moon Stone used in Clefairy) Golem(Alola, Cinnabar Island, Trade evolved from Graveler)
    Aug 16, 2017
  3. @_SP00KSTER_ZARD_
    If you want to be in the story tell me the Bio of your character and what pokemon He/She will use
    Aug 16, 2017