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Daniel's Journy: Daniel's Journey Chapter 4: Starting over

by Gym_Leader_Aqua

Gym_Leader_Aqua In Daniel's point of view
As I was on the S.S Tidal, I was questioning myself on how I am somewhat the son of the villainous leader, Giovanni. I also question, who are my real parents, are them from Kanto? Johto? Or even Hoenn? All of this stir in my head as I sit on my bed in the cabin. I sent out all the pokemon I have caught, my Nidoking, Venonat, Golbat, and Arbok. All my friends and all really powerful. I watch as my Venonat jumps into my lap and I pet it on the head.
"Oh Venonat, why does life have to be so complicated." I watch as Arbok slithers onto the bed and Golbat flies onto my shoulder. I watch as Nidoking picks up my Rocket Hoodie and gives it to me.
"Thanks you guys but, I don't think I can fulfill my so called Father's request. But, I did swear to him. What am I going to do?" Venonat looks at me and jumps off my laps. Venonat soon jumps over to my Laptop and jumps up.
"Veno-nat! Veno-Nat!" I look towards Venonat and I see that I have something open in my laptop. I get up and walk over to the laptop, I see that my father had left me an email. It reads, "Dear Daniel,
so sorry for the interruption, but I am writing this to remind you to spread the word of rocket and make sure we conquer all of the reigons. I hope you will have a nice trip.
Sincerely, your father." I look at the e-mail then I look at my pokemon.
"Guess what Venonat? We're not going to spread the word, but let's have our own, fresh journey in Hoenn. Let's go guys." As I returned all my pokemon I get out ofmy cabin and go out to the deck. I see all these people and I see the region of Hoenn.
"Well guys, looks like were going to start of fresh, off to Petalburg City!" I shout as I look over the seas.