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Danganronpa OC Execution: Inori Kurosawa, Ultimate Nun

by Shiny Blue Gardevoir

Shiny Blue Gardevoir An execution for my Danganronpa OC, Inori Kurosawa
Before we begin, here's a bit abput the OC:

Name: Inori Kurosawa

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Talent: Ultimate Nun

History: Born into a Catholic family, the church was always a big part of Inori's life, and something she cared deeply about. Inori's parents told her she should use her faith to do, and to inspire good in the world, which she took to heart. She volunteered at homeless shelters, raised money for orphanages and hospitals, and even helped re-build a damaged church after an earthquake, for no reason other than that she believed it was God's will for her to do so. She wanted to become a nun, to devote herself entirely to her faith, but she could not become one yet because of her age.

Appearance: Inori is of medium height, with brown hair tied up in a loose bun, and greyish blue eyes. She wears a white, puritan-collar blouse, with a gold cross pendant, a knee length black skirt, black tights, and white heels. She is often seen carrying a dog-eared copy of the christian bible.

Killed: Rizumu Tataitana, Ultimate Drummer

Motive: Self defense, and the threat of her family, friends, and staff at her church being killed.

Crime: Inori was initially hesitant to commit murder when shown her motive, not wanting to hurt the other students, or commit such a grave sin as murder. This, however changed, when she was invited to Rizumu's room, and he tried to kill her by bludgeoning her to death with a candlestick holder. In self defense, she grabbed the nearest blunt object, a baseball bat, and struck him with it, only intending to get him away from her, but the blow was enough to kill him. In shock, Inori panicked over the fact that she'd killed him, thus sinning, but she regained her composure, when she realised she could use his death to save her loved ones. She moved the body to Tomoe, the Ultimate Tantojutsu Master's room, and stuck Rizumu with several tanto knives, to make it look like she had killed him. She wasn't successful in framing Tomoe, however, and was found guilty and executed. She went peacefully, begging the other students not to let anyone else die.

Execution: The scene opens in a barren desert, where Inori is tied to a cross in front of shadowy figures, resembling Virgin Mary, Pilate, and Jesus' disciples. Nails are driven through her hands, and a crown of thorns is placed on her head by Monokuma. Inori is shocked by the method of her execution, and in tears, questions why Monokuma would allow her to die in the same manner that Jesus did, when she does not deserve to be even considered on the same level as him. He does not answer, and the title card is displayed, as a distorted version of the lord's prayer is chanted in the background.

Lord, I Have Sinned

Inori Kurosawa's Execution: Executed

Inori shuts her eyes, repeating hymns and bible verses to herself, as she asks for God's forgiveness. She begs him to absolve her of her sins, and to keep the other students safe. Before she can finish, however, Monokuma begins throwing firewood at her, and it lands in a pile beneath the cross. He lights the firewood, and Inori, horrified, is burned at the stake.

Significance: Being burned at the stake was a punishment reserved for those guilty of heresy, or witchcraft, both of which were considered grave sins in Christianity. Inori felt like she had betrayed God, and her faith, by killing Rizumu.
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