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OC: "Dancing Is My Passion"

by Luke The Riolu

Không Có Tiêu Đề1.jpg
Luke The Riolu Hariko didn't fit the whole "Arrow Shooting Emo Teen" so I scrunched her up a bit, lemme just make a character sheet
Name : Hariko
Species : Kirlia
Gender Female
Age : 12 ? 13 ? I dunno she's a kid
Crush : Luke
Appearance : Hariko has everything a normal Kirlia has but she wears a pink skirt and has magenta dance shoes. She's 37.8 inches tall.
Personality : Hariko is shy, but wants to make friends. She cares for mostly everything. She likes to hang out with friends or play her flute or dance. She loves dancing, she would see it as a way of living. Her happiness is expressed through dancing. Hariko can sometimes be annoying or sneaky. But overall she's a good person.