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Miraculous OC Stuff: Dakota Long/Red Tailed Hawk

by Ariados twice

Ariados twice
Name: Dakota Long
Gender: Female
Appearance: Dark hair, light brown skin, and brown eyes. Her usual outfit consists of a gray T shirt, jeans, and teal tennis shoes.
Miraculous: Red Tailed Hawk Earrings
Kwami Partner: Accipiter (Hawk in Latin)
Costume: Form fitting suit that has the coloration of a red tailed hawk (see here: [​IMG]) the area where boots would normally be is yellow. She has a red feather in her hair, which somehow manages to stay there even if she’s flying.
Power: Unknown
Weapon/Tool: Red feather
Other info: As Red Tailed Hawk she can fly. She can activate talon-like extensions that she can use to grab people and objects. Dakota is of Native American descent.

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  1. Ariados twice
    Ariados twice
    Aug 1, 2017