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my region and everything that has to do with it!: Cyan Tetrado (Poison type gym leader oc)

by roanyael

roanyael Hello there, flawless people of this Amino. So it's been a loooooooong time, but I'm finally back again. This time bringing you my spin on a poison type gym leader. Enjoy the poison type gym leader I made. And they go by the name of...




So I started to think what I could do for a Poison type gym leader. This type does have a diverse group of specialists already. Look at Koga, Roxie and Plumeria. All totally different and unique from one another. I thought about poison types in general, and what stereotypes I could pull out of it. Abd I ended up with a scientist. But I wanted to take that idea further and a bit more "not poison" I wanted him to be sweet and really nice, and finally I ended on a chemistry teacher. (This partially came to my mind because all my previous chemistry teachers were amazing human beings and really nice to everyone.) And I took certain elements to make him look really nice and sweet. But also very calm. For the clothing I wanting him to dress really well. But still wear a lab coat and all. So I made his clothes dark grey with purple to still resemble the poison type in a way. While designing the shoes one of my friends pointed out that the laces were odd. And she brought me on the idea that he was actually really clumbsy despite working with deadly chemicals. He cant tie his laces so he just tucks them into his shoes. Finally I needed to find an ace pokemon, which was really easy tbh. My favorite pokemon is Seviper. And since thats a poison type I really wanted to include him in it. His name Cyan comes from the word Cyanide. Which is a. Incredibly dangerous poison. And his last name Tetrado comes from Tetradotoxin which is one of the most dangerous toxins in the world.



Cyan Tetrado was born on the 17th of August in the year 1977. On Cinnabar Island in the Kanto region, the boy bot a lot of people lived there so but his introverted nature didn't mind that at all. He would rather sit in his room and read books. It was mostly his only interest, books. Any kind of books were good. He enjoyed everything. Since he read a lot he was really goed at it and on the top of his class at age 6. There wasn't really much pokemon relaed on the island, except for the gym and some people having a pokemon. It wasn't that spectacular, so pokemon weren't really in his life yet. But something that was close to them was Cinnabar lab. He took a great intrest in it even tho he wasn't allowed to enter. The scientist at the lab always told him that he was just a kid and that he needed to be a scientist to enter the place. So out of spite Cyan began to study science, even tho he was no older then 8 years old. He mostly didn't understand anything but he kept trying his best. Until 1987 when he turned 10 years old. The age to go on a pokemon journey.

Even though he was 10 years old, he decided not to go on a pokemon journey and instead stay on Cinnabar island to study from every sorce available. Science had become more of an obsession then a hobby. He absolutely loved nothing else then to dive his nose into books written by famous professors and scientists. This was basically his life until the age of 12. In 1989 he and his parents took a trip to the Hoenn region. This trip turned his life around and he began to love pokemon. On Cyan's request they want to meteor falls. He wanted to go there desperately and research the shit out of it. Alas this trip went not as expected. He found a lost and abandoned pokemon egg on the way there from Falarbor town. He didn't think much of it and got a little closer to inspect it. And without warning the egg hatched in front of him. A baby Seviper came crawling out and the pokemon immediately fell in love with the boy. If it wasn't for his parents he would've taken Seviper with him. But they reminded him that she must have a mother and that they could check on him later. They did just that after returning from meteor falls and the pokemon was waiting at the entrance. Cyan's father always wanted him to be a pokemon trainer, and Cyan and Seviper were already growing towards each other, he handed him a pokeball and thus he gained his first pokemon. And soon to be his best friend.

After returning to the Kanto region he decided to travel through it at 12 years of age, together with his Seviper. He didn't have a goal or anything no badgers or ribbons. He just wanted to explore what's out there. He had read about places all over the world and now was the time to experience them. He was still hooked on becoming a scientist. So he visited labs all over tge region and learned lots of things. He finally closed his journey off in 1991 when he was 14 after which he decided to travel through Hoenn with the same goal. Learn as much as he could. He was a passionate learner and loved all the mysteries Hoenn offered. He and seviper traveled through the region together. And about 3 years later, now 17 he decides to head back home to the Kanto region, to take a break from all the travels. But that same year he learned about a prestigious school in the Hudson region, a region he had not visited yet. The school was Sliram city university. A prestigious school with the topic of science and pokemon. So in 1995 he was 18 and he applied to the university. And even before he was officially accepted traveled to the Hudson region to at least check it out. Once arriving at the airport he had gotten mail that he indeed was accepted. This was the beginning of his career. He had chosen to study "science of poison types" since he was so intrigued by them. And also partially because of Seviper.

It took him 6 years to graduate. But after that the whole world of possibility had opened up. Everything he dreamed about when he was young and much more. But instead of doing that... He took on a teaching position in the school at 24 years old in 2001 He still had his own projects and stuff. But he found it amazing to teach kids about poison types and much more. Only two years later. He had moved up to gain thw professor title and shortly after a scholar. He is an expert when it comes to poison types and has readings all over the world. It's maybe not the life he imagined as a kid but he still absolutely loves it. But then in 2005 when Cyan was 28 years old, the previous poison type leader of the Hudson region sadly passed away. And the people who were in charge of the league immediately looked at Cyan as a replacement even tho he knew nothing about Pokemon battles. And since he knew there was no one else in the region as knowledgeable in poison types as he is, he took the offer but asked if he could get battle training before taking the role. He took this as a challenge to learn more about pokemon and poison types in general so he took battle training for over a year before he accepted the offer. Now 29 years old and not only a proffesor but also a scholar and a gym leader. He decided to move the gym to an empty basement in the university and renovated it to be a battle field. And he also made it the way that no students could be disturbed by the sounds. Although he was fairly easy to beat the first few years. He has toughen lately. Being on part with some of the more powerful gym leaders like Elizabeth and Miss-Tyria.



I will give him and every gym leader in the future a team of 6 which they can change up depending on how strong the opponent is. But here I mostly show up what their strongest and optimal team is. So here it is









Right now it’s the year 2021, and Cyan is 44 years old. He barely aged on the outside... But also on the inside. He's still the knowledge seeking boy he always was. As a gym leader he has definitely become stronger. And he's a fan favorite for most of the students at the academy. He still takes teaching and his research very serious, to the point he sometimes takes 2 months breaks from gym battles. But he does take his battles seriously. He's a kind soul and will always be that way. Even when he beats you in a battle and dunks on you for being trash. Such a child.



  1. roanyael
    @Shiny Pyxis From what I have gathered.... ppl simp over this dude so much that it almost outshines the Guang simps... I should make it a simp battle
    Jan 24, 2021
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  2. Shiny Pyxis
    Shiny Pyxis
    Oh.... he's very good looking. Mm yes, love his design much.
    Jan 20, 2021
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  3. roanyael
    @Willow Tree Yesssssss you get it. exactly what I thought... good he's such a precious soul...
    Jan 20, 2021
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  4. Willow Tree
    Willow Tree
    Pretty boy with long ponytail??? Tucked to a shoulder??? Sweet lil precious soul??? Babey???

    I love him? I love him.
    Jan 20, 2021
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