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Curse of the unholy Pokemon the EEVEE twins speiacll 1

by Therealist770

(???) so YOUR HERE FOR A STORY WELL HAVE I GOT THE STORY FOR YOU HA it's anout 4 kids who defeated me the almighty hellbeast aka gengar let's begin (umbra) whooo nothing like a extra hot summer day ( jumps it the pool) (anili) your right umbra go latios (latios) yes master (anili) meet umbra (latios) hello umbra I'm latios (anili) also go Latias (Latias) yayyyyyy master where's my brother (laitos) right here (Latias) Brother YAYY (latios) hey umbra wanna see our new project we just started it (umbra) yeah (Latias) YAYY brother we can do the trick (anili) alright LATIOS AND LATIAS MEGA EVOLVE (umbra) WOW can I ride one anili (anili) sure (Latias) YAYYY hop on (umbra) (jumps on) lets go (Latias) ready (takes off) so tell me about yourself (umbra) well not much I have a umbreon a glaceon and a jolteon (Latias) cool (???) DIE (uses shadow ball) (Latias) (falls down) aHhhhhhhHhhhhhh help BROTHER (latios) no (flys to save him) (umbra) no (???) espreon psychic now HURRY (umbra) ESBRA thanks (esbra) welcome huh you're to heavy crap NOOOO (umbra) COME ON (???) venasaur VINE WHIP (umbra) gardila thank you for saving me (gardila) your welcome (puts him on the ground) (anili) who's that umbra (umbra) that gardila (anili) oh but who tried to KILL YOU GUYS ILL KILL EM (???) ME HA HA HA (umbra) Draco GO AWAY (gengar) who's Draco I'm hellbeast aka gengar (Ada) YOU (hellbeast) YOUUUUUU (everyone) huh what's goin on (Ada) umbra this is the destroyer of worlds gengar (hellbeast)HELLBEAST (Ada) GENGAR SHUT UP NO ONE LIKES YOU JEEZ (umbra) so what do we kill him or know what go sparks frostbite and umbreon (hellbeast) oh cool Pokemon may I (umbra) yeah sure (Ada) NO DONT (hellbeast) (uses a spell on them) Ha ha ha (umbra) no what happend (Ada) he put a spell on them there curesd (umbra) ah return (hellbeast) no no no I'll take those (takes everyone's pokeballs) (umbra) no (hellbeast) one more thing (thorws a smoke bomb and picks up Ada) (umbra) huh ADA NOOOO COME BACK HERE GENGAR what do we do (esbra and gardila) were going home bye (umbra) really man (anili) I'll help but first brb (umbra) no ill save you by myself and kill hellbeast rahhhhhhhhh (has flashback) huh I remember something from the past gengar took her when I was 7 we were best friends ada doesn't remember we were friends before (anili) I'm back (umbra) what how did you get charizard's pokeball (anili) gengar didn't take it lets go hop on (???) wait for me (umbra) DRACO (Draco) I overheard you guys talking about gengar I WANT IN (umbra) fine BUT YOU BETTER NOT TRY TO KILL ME (Draco) fine go charizard mega evolve (anili) you to charizard ( 10 minutes later) (Draco) hey that's a mega charizard X right (anili) yeah aw snap you got a shiny mega charizard Y (Draco) yeah really cool so why are we looking for gengar (anili) he stole umbra 's girlfriend Ada (umbra) guys look it's his base (they land down to the base) (umbra) huh no guards but 8 DEVILdiamonds (anili) huh a laser gun (picks it up) (hellbeast) welcome (Ada) what are you gonna do to me if they're here (hellbeast) I'm gonna slice you up then take you body parts and put them in a jar let it sit for a hour then pour them in lava then take them out and eat them ok (Ada) HELPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP ME (umbra) ADA anili give me the laser rifle (anili) (gives it to him) (umbra) DIE (randomly shoots every where) DIE DIE DIEEEEEE (hellbeast() RAGHHHH MY DIAMOND (picks Ada up) (umbra) GENGAR (aims at him) (hellbeast) really (umbra) (shoots him) (hellbeast ) didn't hurt a bit my turn (Ada) hiyyyyy ya (hellbeast) OW WHAT WAS THAT FOR LADY (Ada) (jumps down and runs) (gengar) that's is RAJJHJHJHHHHH (mega evolves) (Ada) crap (anili and Draco) CHARIZARD BLAST BURN (hellbeast) why blast burn RAHHHHHHH THE PAINN HUH I only have 4 diamonds left (shadow ball) (umbra) huh ahh ow a sorwd (picks it up and stabs gengar) (hellbeast) YOU WANNA go (umbra) nope breaks a diamond (gengar) NO DIE (throws shadow daggers) (umbra) GENGAR used shadow daggers.......... But it failed umbra broke a diamond it's super effective (gengar) HUH 2 MORE LEFT THATS IT (uses all his energy and make a giant ball of death) DIE NOW (umbra) NO GUYS (Ada Draco and anili) UMBRA KILL HIM (umbra) ok breaks that last diamonds (hellbeast) NO (falls on the floor) do it kill ME NOW (umbra) ok (STABS HIM IN THE HEAD) done (everyone) lets GO HOME (they fly home) (umbra) were back (gives esbra and gardila there poke balls) (Ada) umbra thanks for saving me from that retard gengar (kisses him) (umbra) your welcome (kisses her) (nararator) well that the end of that EEVEE twins special (hellbeast) HEY I THOGHUT I WAS DOING THE END (nararator) AHHHH well guys BYE