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Crystal Runaway

by Thomas Runner

Thomas Runner A young boy named Luke, a preteen in fact, left with the job of saving his WORLD, but he didn't even know
Ah come on Matt, why did you do that, you know it scares me. Luke had asked his older brother when he jumped out from under his bed that night. Wimp, HAHAHAHA, you need to get some guts. Matt said walking out of the room. That night, Luke had a dream, not a normal dream, he could actually feel what was happening. *sniff sniff* i wonder.......That morning, Like went to school an hour early, forgetting the time, but his Eevee kept trying to tell him that it wasn't the right time, but Luke didn't listen. When school started, he heard the rush of kids storming down the hallway, and they knocked him over. HEY, WATCH IT!!! Luke said as people were running past him. he walked into the classroom with one side of his hair flat, and the other side, CRAZY

------TO BE CONTINUED------
(i was writing this in school, but the others will be longer)