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Crystal Princess

by PentheWonderful

PentheWonderful My Adventure Time OC XD
A little bit about her:

Name: Crystal Princess (Anastasia Crystal)

Nickname(s): CP, Crys, CrysPris, Ana, Ann, Stas, Milady

Age: 18 in appearance, but in actuality is 1000+ years old or as old as the Crystal Dimension itself (because the Rainicorn-Dog Wars in the Crystal Dimension lasted for thousands of years). Possibly unable to die of old age.

Species: Crystal Person

Gender: Genderless/Feminine (they wouldn't have actual reproductive organs or genitalia)

Height: 5"10'

Weight: 330 lbs

Sexuality: Asexual (crystals wouldn't need to reproduce)

Home: Crystal Dimension

Occupation: Ruler of the Crystal Dimension (current), Ex-Ruler of Crystal the Dimension (formerly)

History: Formed within the Crystallization Chamber during the dawn of the Crystal Dimension, Crystal Princess was one of the first inhabitants of her dimension. Chosen as ruler by other early inhabitants due to her refinement and wisdom, she ruled over the crystal people for the thousands of years it has existed. At an early point of her reign, she signed over a section of her territory to the Rainicorns, which later caused the Rainicorn-Dog Wars. CP did not contribute in its progression nor resolution. However, as the number of crystal people increased, CP found herself no longer able to oversee and meet the needs of the citizens. Therefore the dimensions were then divided into four, each with its respective prince and princess. Many, many years later, CP was overthrown by her own people when Tree Trunks, as Quartzion, appeared in the dimension. This forced CP to travel to the Land of Ooo due to her suspicion that the Crystal Gem Apple, which had been the only entrance into the Crystal Dimension and also a powerful, prized possession of the Crystal People (which she thought would be better protected in another dimension deep inside the Evil Forest with a Crystal Guardian), had been tampered with. She discovered a missing chunk, and by the time she returned to the Crystal Dimension, Quartzion had been defeated by Finn and Jake, and Tree Trunks had returned to Ooo. After collecting the Crystal Gem Apple shard and bonded it with the original apple, CP reclaimed her title as ruler.

Personality: Quiet, elegant, and refined, Crystal Princess is the esteemed ruler of the Crystal Dimension who is known for her cool-head and wisdom. She exhibits a degree of intelligence, though not as much as Princess Bubblegum, is very observant, and also very objective. She can be rather apathic and arrogant, however, obsessed with aesthetics and beauty up to a point where she can be extremely intolerant to flaws because of her perfectionist trait, and lack of compassion.
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