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Crystagon & Promagion

by raccoonchan12

Pokemon - Crystagon & Promagion.png
raccoonchan12 Crystagon the Stone Spider Pokemon
Type: Rock/Bug
Ability : Sturdy/Moxie
Weight : 210 lbs.
Height: 10"12
Description: This Pokemon was a rare breed that no Pokemon researcher found,until today.This Pokemon was buried and hidden from the world for 500,000 Years,and were never found from their ability to blend in,even from its different looks.This Pokemon was,as Trainers said, a freak of nature.This Pokemon was known to terrify people when they came out of the Earth, 350,000 Years ago, and has a Toxic fume that is highly flammable.This Pokemon was also called, "The Poisonous Beast" known for its flame like smog,three eyes,and 6 spider-like legs.This Pokemons moves are,what's up on the Photo,and to learn more,please contact me.

Promagion the Disc Blade Pokemon
Type : Steel
Ability : Levitate/Speed Boost/Solid Rock
Weight : 95 lbs
Height : 4"01
Description: This Pokemon has a mysterious look that no Breeder had ever looked before.Some people mistaken it as a propeller or a decoration due to its look.This Pokemon also mistaken as a oversize spinning top.Besides on what it looks,Promagion attacks pokemon by Spinning its enemies and give them a thin clean slilce.Promagion's Attacks are the ones up on this photo.To learn other moves,please contact me to learn them.