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Crull: Crull

by OmegaNave

OmegaNave Prologue (first part)
Before reading, consider that this is just part of the prologue. It isn't very exciting. Once we get into chapter 1, it'll get a lot better. Enjoy. :)

Long ago, centuries ago, during medieval times, there was a certain type of dragon. These resembled men, but were also completely different. They stood on two legs, had two arms, and five fingers on each hand. But their skin was as hard as stone. In fact, their skin LOOKED like stone! They had one claw for each finger. But the biggest difference from humans they had were their wings. Their wings were about five feet long. These dragons were feared throughout the earth. But there was one that was the worst. The most dangerous and feared of them all. And his name... was Crull.

"RUN!!!" "The dragons are coming!!!" "Quickly! Take everything they own! Then take it back to lord Crull!!" "Aaaaahhh!!!". That was the sound of a raid. The dragons took everything. They were powerful. But luckily, their king, Crull, wasn't there to fight. There would have been no survivors. He was their greatest fighter. Many knights tried to slay this beast, but it was pointless. No blade could pierce his skin. For years he and his army had become very rich and powerful. But the men didn't give up. They kept trying, and they eventually forged the ultimate sword. One that could pierce Crull's skin. One that could kill him. The bravest knight the men had was sent, with the blade, to find and slay Crull. And, after days of searching, they finally met. On top of an active volcano.
  1. SismicFlareCharmander
    An active volcano. I'm liking this already!
    Nov 8, 2015
  2. OmegaNave
    Sorry that I haven't continued yet! I will soon!
    Nov 3, 2015
  3. OmegaNave
    I'll continue the story sometime next week! Also, this is only PART of the prologue. Not the whole thing.
    Oct 25, 2015
  4. WindRyder
    I like your story, I think you should defiantly continue :)
    Oct 24, 2015