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Crull: Crull Prologue (Continued) and Chapter 1

by OmegaNave

OmegaNave Crull fights with a knight, and later has a long conversation with a new character, Lasha.
"Who would you be?" Crull asked the knight. "My name? That doesn't matter. All that matters is your death!" The knight jumped forward and stabbed his sword into Crull's arm. "AAAGH!" Crull screamed. That was the first time he'd ever felt pain. He backed away from the knight, but the knight got closer. He cut into Crull's right wing. Crull was worried. He tried to fly away, but the knight knocked him out of the sky! Crull fell, and fell, into the volcano. He burned up in the molten lava. Crull was dead..... Or so they thought.

"Gah! Where am I?" Crull said to no one. He had just woken up. "My wings! What happend to my wings?" "What? Who's there?" a voice said. "Who am I?" Crull asked "I am Crull! I am the most feared dragon on earth!" "Never heard of you." the voice said. "Well, who are YOU?" Crull asked. "Oh, me? I am Lasha." Lasha revealed himself. He looked like a snake crossed with a man. He wore a green cape and carried a bow. "I've been sent here my my master, Croc. He sensed great power here. He wanted me to go investigate." "I think that 'great power' he was talking about was ME! Crull!" Crull said. "I lost my wings to this volcano, but that doesn't matter. I don't REALLY need them." "Lost your wings, eh?" Lasha asked. "Hmm... Yes! I've got it! If you're the great power that my master sensed, you'd be great working for him! And in exchange, I'll make you new wings!" "That's impossible!" said Crull. "Well, not real ones. Robotic wings." Lasha said. "What are you talking about? What is 'robotic'?" Crull asked. "You don't know what a robot is?" "No." Crull responded. "How old are you anyway?" Lasha asked. "What year is it now?" Crull asked. "It's 2083. In two months it'll be 2084." Lasha responded. "In that case, I'm 346." Crull said. "Wow! That IS old! I guess robots weren't a thing back then." Lasha said "Come with me. I'll take you to Croc."

Sorry about the wait. I spent a lot of time just not writing, then I got it done, then just didn't type anything. But it's here now! Expect chapter 2 to come really soon!