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Creepypasta OC origin story : Henry Hell's son

by Lord Of Pain

Lord Of Pain This is my Creepypasta OC story
Warning : gore and language
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That was the only audible sound aside of the rain storm outside that could be heard, the sound of seconds, minutes and hours passing on the grandfather clock in the dark and cold hallway, on the fancy and expensive Persian carpet laid a newly made corps of a teenage boy, collapsed in a pool of the scarlet liquid that once took this body as a home, down the hallway another teenage boy stood looking out of the window, the killer guilty of the crime, but what looked human on the outside was truly Hell's worst demon on the inside


It was like any other day in Henry's neighbourhood, the sun brightening the sky and warming up the neighbourhood, the cool breeze flowing through the trees, bushes and grass, everyone awoke to start the day to the sound of birds chirping and singing.
Everyone except Henry that is, who who had is peaceful sleep interupted by the sound of his sister and his abusive cousin fighting again, Henry Helston was nothing more than the average 15 year old boy, him and his older sister Helen have lost their parents in a car accident and had to live with their cousin Selena, but Selena was very abusive and would freely do what she would have scolded Henry and Helen for if they have done those things.
Henry made his way down the stairs only to see his beloved sister being beaten up by Selena with a lamp until the light bulb broke, "you live under my roof so you do as I say!" He heard Selena shout, Helen just sat there crying as blood dripped from her wounds, Henry made his way to the first aid kit and brought it to his sister, he has always hated Selena but what he saw right now was gasoline fueling the already our of control forest fire that was inside him, "here sis, let me help you" he said, "thanks" was the only reply he got of his sister


It was a long day of chores and abuse from their cousin but Henry and Helen finally got their share of money to spend on whatever, the really enjoyed going to this shop that sold so called "Mystical Relics" but despite not believing the shop vendor's stories they where fun to listen to, however this visit was about to change Henry's life, forever.
Henry's eyes caught sight of a black lantern, he really needed one since the heater in his room is not functioning, when he asked the vendor about the price the vendor asked "you sure kiddo? That lantern is...." he was cut off by Helen's sarcastic statement "cursed? Because it really looks cursed and dangerous to me", the vendor stared blankly at the two before saying "cursed is big understatement but if you insist then it will be 5 dollars please"


Henry and Helen made their way back to the house, as they got in they where met by their cousin holding a list of chores that she wanted them to do, it was a long night and a cold one too, Henry made his way over to his bed in his dark room and lit the lantern before placing it on the bedside and going to sleep.


Henry woke up to a low, raspy, spine chilling noise calling his name but seeing no one there he dismissed it as his imagination messing with him, but before he could go back to sleep he heard the voice again


"W-who's there? S-show y-yourself...." Henry ordered as he held the lantern up to see around the room, suddenly the fire in the lantern changed from the warm orange color to crimson red like blood

"In the lantern Henry, in the lantern...."

Henry was hesitant but finally opened the lantern, there in the lantern wasn't the small orange flame that he started, instead blazing red fire, in the fire was the void black outline of a demonic figure, "W-who are y-you? What d-do you want?" Henry asked as he trembled in his bed

"I am Hell, don't let my name fool you I came to help you, I came to be the father you wish you still had and I came to grant you 3 wishes before I am freed from this lantern, now son, remember 2 things, I can't bring back the dead and you have to be very very specific on your wishes"

Henry just stared, fear has flushed over him, he knew that it was a bad idea to keep the lamp but if what Hell was saying is true then why not? "Um I have nothing to wish for right now.... can I wish later?" He asked as he hid his fear as best as he could, his reply was "yes son, yes you can" before the outline disappeared, as it did the flame shrunk back to its original size and changed back to its original color.


It has been a week and the only thing that has ever changed was how much Henry's hatred to his cousin Selena grew, just the other day he was tied to the back yard tree and was mercilessly whipped, but what happened that night was what caused Henry to snap.
It was sunny ouside and Henry was playing hide and seek with with the other neighbourhood kids when Selena called him in, as he entered he was met by a slap before being dragged to the couch by the neck, "you little piece of shit I'm tired of you going around playing games while your sister does most of the work!" Selena said as she started beating the poor boy up, but soon things went too far as Selena hit him hard with the TV controller so hard it broke, shards lodged into his left eye, screaming in pain Henry struggled to get out from under her, blood pouring from his eye, he was starting to go dizzy as his shouts of agony weakened and weakened, soon Henry blacked out.


"Henry Helston? You have a visitor" said the voice of a female, Henry has just woke up of his coma to see an officer, "Henry Helston? We found you blacked out in your cousin's house in serious need of medical help, your cousin said that a mad man came in to assult you and that she and your sister tried to stop him...." Henry wanted to protest but was in too much pain just by breathing let alone talking, "....sadly though your cousin was unharmed your sister Helen was hurt really bad, she is in the other room, she will be here longer than you" with those words Henry's good eye welled with tears, the cloth wrapped around his head to cover his eye started to get soaked in blood, deep inside he was cursing and shouting bloody murder.
It was an ice cold night in the hospital, silent, too silent, no nurses in the hallways, no doctors by the doors, it was completely quite, like the void, tomorrow was the day he was to be let out, but he didn't care for that, all he wanted was revenge.



There it was, that Raspy, spine chilling voice, the voice that flushed him with fear, Henry looked in the direction of the voice only to be met by the open lantern, "Hell...." he muttered in a low voice.

"Now now my son, day is here for you" he said, to Hell it was clear how mad Henry was, for flames of hatred was visible in his eye.

"Hell.... I wish Selena would die" he muttered, Hell's raspy tone became ominous as he said "your wish is my comand" and has let out a chuckle before fading from the flame again.
Henry was back at home, he went directly to his room ignoring Selena blabbering about today's chores, he sat alone in his room, waiting for something to reap his cousin's life, that was when he heard voices in his head

"Do it"

"Do it, Do it"

"Do it, Do it, DO IT!"

"DO IT!"

"DO IT!"

"DO IT!"

Henry felt his body shake with rage and his eyes bolting everywhere looking for something, it finally rested onto his aluminium baseball bat his parents got him on his birthday, he took hold of the handle and went downstairs, his eyes grew as dark as the void, his honey brown ireses as red as Hell's flame, his black smooth hare as stiff and spiked as a cactus, his teeth gagged, blood leaking from his left eye from under the cloth, he overheard Selena talking to a person on the phone, Nicolas was his name, The school bully when Helen was his age, this made him madder and madder, he snuck up behind her before yelling "Die you Lying Bitch!" And proceeded beating her with the bat till her head caved in, his bat soaked in blood Henry finally realised what he has done, in panic he dropped the bat, "what have I done?!" He asked himself aloud only to hear "No, what have I done", Henry turned his head in the direction of the voice to be met by Hell in his lantern.


Henry was back to normal in his room, looking at Hell, "why? Why did you use me?" He asked with disbelief in his voice,

"You didn't specify how to kill her, and as a fatherly figure I have to teach you the importance of all the details" Hell said as Henry wiped the last of the blood on his face away

"But I didn't want to become a killer!" He protested, on the verge of crying, it was what he was told next that caused his tears to come out, "oh but your not a killer, you are a killer AND a cannibal now....." Hell said, "W-what?!" Was all Henry could say,

"sorry son, but with no one to cook for you and the need to hide Selena's body now you'll have to eat her..."

"Don't ever call me your son again! You turned me into a monster!" Henry exclamed as he closed the Lantern.
Henry was all alone that night, after eating a fare amount of Selena's flesh and organs he stored the rest in the fridge, all he wanted to do now was sleep and be alone and so he was.
2 days passed since the incident, not once did he speak to anyone, not even Hell, but it was finally a call from the hospital that pulled him out of hiding


Henry was in his sister's room at the hospital he was told that Helen would be able to go home tonight, joy was flowing through Henry for the first time since his eye loss, but said joy didn't last long.
It was night and Henry was waiting outside Helen's room for her to come out, only to hear a blood chilling scream, he rushed into the room only to be met by a doctor who has cut Helen's stomach open and has been ripping her intestine out, blood splattered on her sheets and floor, the rich mettalic smell filling the air, the bitter-sourness of it causes Henry's stomach to turn in disgust, but soon after inner conflict with his darker self he started to like the smell, in fact, to his cannibal self it was a nice appetite opening cent, but he was still shocked and mad at the scene in front of him, the doctor turned, his name tag read "Nicolas", Henry ran at Nicolas ready to pounce, and soon after that he blacked out


Henry woke up later on the bed, his left arm and neck wrapped up in bandages, "what happened?" He asked himself as he got up,

"Nicolas shredded the flesh of your arm and neck by breaking glass onto it, I took over and caused the fucker to run like a coward" Hell said, his lantern next to Henry,

Henry looked in his direction, eyes widening as he sees Helen there next to him, "wait wha-" remembering what happened he ran over to her, she was slowly drifting into the grasp of death, "No! Helen! Stay with me sis..... stay with me..... Please...." Henry's voice drifted away as tears came down his face, "Hell.... I wish......I wish for my sister to live on.... to live on along me" he said, choking on some sobs

"Your wish is my comand" was Hell's reply as his flame changed from red to white, another black figure appeared next to him in it, the forme of a girl hugging her knees, the waving flame's crackling sounding similar to Helen's voice saying "feed me",

"W-what?! What is that?" Henry asked as his sister went unconscious in his arms, unconscious but not dead, "she will live, but in an eternal coma, but she will die if this flame ever goes out, and this flame is fueled by flesh and blood" was Hell's reply, Henry was absolutely shocked, heart broken to dust as he has now lost his sister as well as his humanity, "hehehehe... This is what you wanted huh? For me to become a killer huh? Well you got what you want..... hehehehe.....hahahahaha! Hell, I wish I wish i had BTO-22 razor wire, duct tape and my aluminium baseball bat right now" Henry said, adding his sanity to the list of stuff he lost, Hell granted him his last wish, and left him his final words "your wish is my comand" Before completely fading from the flame, "come with me sis, we will get you fed up and I'll join in too!"


Henry was outside Nicolas' house, eye black like the void, ireses red like blood, hair spiked up, his covered eye leaking blood, teeth jagged like broken glass, welding his razor wire adored bat in his bandaged hand and Helen's lantern in his ok hand.
It was dark in Nicolas' room, cold and silent, suddenly from the living room came a blood curdling shriek which caused Nicolas to bolt up in fear he got his flashlight and gun and went downstairs "who the fuck is here?! Show yourself!!" He said as he looked around only to drop his flashlight in terror of seeing Henry, "listen k-kid, I was d-drunk ok?! P-please don't h-hurt me!" He stuttered, all Henry did was say "If you where drunk then looks like I'll be eating marinated organs tonight!" And began to swing his bat at him, Nicolas began shooting but Henry's reflexes where paranormal for an adult human let alone a boy in his early teens, Nicolas ran up the stairs only to be followed by Henry.
Nicolas was hiding in his room, waiting for the police to answer his phone call but cursed as he didn't have enough credit, seconds, minutes and hours passed, no sound was heard, Nicolas collected enough courage to check outside

Big mistake

The second he was out he was tackled by Henry, bloodlust in his eye, "please kid, don't do this!" His pleads of mercy where ignored as Henry proceeded to punch the living daylight out of him, caving in some of his Teeth, Henry got up and started to beat him with his bat, each swing ripping and pealing Nicolas' skin and flesh, causing intense bleeding, this went on as the Expensive Persian carpet got soaked in the scarlet liquid, Henry stopped and looked at Nicolas in the eyes, "you look like shit but I hope you don't taste like it!" He said as he sunk his teeth into Nicolas' shoulder and ripped of his flesh stripping it to the shoulder blades, he then ate his little snack before continuing the beating.
When satisfaction was claimed he got up, but Nicolas was still alive, slowly slipping into deaths grasp like his sister was, "M-mercy....." was what he heard, with a big smile on his face Henry said "your wish is my comand" and swung his bat again this time in his throat causing slits and cuts to be left in his windpipe.




That was the sound of the grandfather clock that ticked as Henry walked to the end of the hall, dropping his bat and stuffing the Lantern with organs that instantly burned, "eat up sis, not the best of what I tasted but not the worse either" he said, it started to rain and thunder was heard, though Hell has left the lantern he never left his son, from one prison he went to another one, a more enjoyable one.


Thunder roared lightening the room, where Henry's shadow would be was the dark demonic figure of Hell, forever part of his son

Henry Helston died

Henry Hell's son was born
  1. Mewtwofan259
    I give this 7.8. Needs more Rake. Just kidding, this is amazing!
    Aug 21, 2016
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  2. OmegaCarvineplays
    FABBULOUSSS! 12/10
    Aug 21, 2016
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  3. Midnight Heart
    Midnight Heart
    Wow! Best. Story. EVER!!!!!! I give you a 10!
    Aug 21, 2016
  4. TooBlue12
    I say you get a 10! Although there were a fee spelling errors that slipped through. Like "our" instead of "out" in a part of it.....but still! You are really good at writing and I hope you do more like this!
    Aug 21, 2016