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Creepypasta #1

by Cloudswift

Cloudswift Not sure how this is gonna turn out... let me know if you think I should do another one.
You open your eyes. It's dark all around you, and you can feel something wet under your back. You don't know if you're against a wall or on your back; you can't see anything at all. It's as if all sight has been taken away from you, leaving you in an everlasting darkness. You hear a dripping noise. It echoes. You wonder if you're in a cave. Suddenly, you can see. It's not a lot, but it's something. You're lying flat on your back. But this isn't a cave. It's almost like an asylum. There is nothing in here, nothing except the dripping of water from the ceiling. It's dark, but your eyes are adjusting fast. Not like from light to dark, but from absolute nothing to sight.
You slowly get to your feet. In the distance, you see a wall. Maybe if you follow it, you'll be able to find your way out of here. Going with logic, you walk over to it. You don't run for fear of wasting energy. You put your hand against the wall. It's smooth and cold, like metal almost. You walk along the wall, looking for any way to escape. You must have gotten in here somehow.
But you walk on for what seems to be forever, with no luck. You know it can't have been more than a few hours. Your legs are burning with pain, so you take a rest. As you're pausing, you notice something. Instead of the clothes you last remember wearing, you're dressed in a nightgown. It goes down to your ankles, and when you feel behind your back, you find that it also laces down behind you. Weird. You decide to ignore this and carry on. After all, it's just clothes, right?
After another long walk, you start to feel dehydrated. But you don't trust the dripping water from the ceiling. It could be stagnant for all you know. Suddenly, you see white coming from your wall. It's about fifty feet away from you. Suddenly feeling hopeful, you run towards it. You don't even think that maybe the source of the light is going to harm you. Light means good, as you've been taught in the movies. Someone emerges from the light. A scientist, male, with brown hair and glasses. He is carrying a needle with a clear liquid inside of it. "We've learned a lot from you. Unfortunately, you know too much," He tells you. You wonder what that means. He grabs you by the arm and sticks you with the needle.
Immediately, you fall over. You can feel your consciousness slipping from you. You're scared and wonder if this scientist wants you dead. Then, you don't feel anything. You're dead.
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    Jan 1, 2017
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    Dec 14, 2016
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