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Sprites: Creative Flash Challenge - New Adventures - Entry

by IDom_

IDom_ My entry into the "New Adventures" Flash Challenge. The story of how a young boy named Tommy set off on his adventure. The humble beginnings, that will grow into huge stories.
“ZZZZ… ZZZZ…” Snored a young boy sleeping in his bed. This boy had black which stuck up like it was attracted to an invisible magnet above his head. This boy was called Tommy. He lived in Pallet Town, and today he was set to get his first pokemon. He had been dreaming all night long… Tommy, the world’s greatest Pokemon Master. Suddenly, with a loud bang, Tommy rolled off his bed and onto the floor.

“Wha…?” He said drowsily. He looked at the clock. It was 9:56.

“9:56!!??” He yelled suddenly. Tommy sprang up and got changed. He scooped up his visor and bag and cascaded down the stairs and sprinted outside and to Professor Oak’s Laboratory. He looked ahead. People were crowded there. Tommy’s mother was probably back at the house and he had just dashed by her. He skidded to a halt. Two figures were coming out from the entrance. It was Elin and Jacob.

“Well, well, look who it is. Little Tommy come rushing?” Sneered Jacob.

“I-I overslept…” Stuttered Tommy.

“Well too late! I already got the best pokemon!” Jacob sneered again.

“Oh did you? Which one did you choose?” Asked Tommy.

“None of your business, twerp.” Snapped Jacob. “Well see you later, loser, I’m off to be the best pokemon master ever.” And Jacob strutted away to Viridian Forest.

“Uh, bye. I think there’s one pokemon left now, Tommy.” Said Elin politely.

“Thanks!” Said Tommy rather quickly, and dashed up the steps to Professor Oak’s lab.

Tommy swung open the door, dashed across the hall and up the staircase. Panting hard, Tommy looked up. Professor Oak was standing there.

“So you made then.” Said Oak.

“Yes…Pro…Fess…or…Oak…” Gasped Tommy.

“Very well. Once you’ve recovered, come here.”

Tommy took a few deep breaths, straightened up and walked over.

“So which pokemon do I get Professor? Elin and Jacob already got theirs…” Asked Tommy.

“Well find out for yourself.” Oak handed Tommy a pokeball. It was bright red and very shiny.

“Well, press the button on the front to open it.” Said Oak.

“R-right.” Tommy pressed the button on the Pokeball. With a popping noise and a lot of blue light, a small, reptilian, orange pokemon appeared.

“Charmander! Char!” It said happily.

“That’s Charmander, the Lizard Pokemon. It’s a Fire Type.” Said Professor Oak.

“Woah!” Said Tommy brightly.

“And here is your pokedex and pokeballs.” Oak handed Tommy some pokeballs and a pokedex and Tommy stuffed them in his bag.

“Well I say you best be moving along now, for the Early Pigeotto gets the Caterpie.” Said Oak plainly.

“Thank you, professor!” Yelled Tommy as he rushed past. He sprinted down the steps and down the hall and outside. At the gate, Tommy’s mother was waiting.

“Mum!” Said Tommy shyly as he came up to her.

“Hi dear. Did you get a pokemon?” She looked over at Charmander, “Oh you got a Charmander! Just like your father then?” She said.

“Yeah, but I’ll be stronger than him!” Said Tommy hotly.

“Now, don’t go thinking your dad isn’t strong. It wasn’t luck that just happened to win at the Kanto League Tournament.” Tommy’s mother said, waving a finger.

“Yeah…” Mumbled Tommy, slightly embarrassed.

“Well, it’s time you got going, Tommy, if you set off now, you might make it to Viridian city by nightfall.” Said Tommy’s Mother, looking at the placement of the sun in the sky.

“Right, goodbye!” Yelled Tommy, as he set off on the road with Charmander.

Whatever was in store for Tommy, it would be an adventure he’d never forget, and as he walked down the road, waving back, he felt a strange feeling.

“This is our adventure, Charmander, let’s make it one we won’t forget.” Tommy whispered to Charmander. Slowly, the duo reached the entrance to Viridian Forest. With one look back at Pallet Town, the two set off on their grand adventure together.
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