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Create your own game!

by BrysontheFNaFFan

  1. HayleyFromSinnoh
    Pokétown adventures would probs be the name and I guess you could make your own character and then you live in a town like animal crossing New leaf or new horizons helping Pokemon get back to their habitat, taking care of them and stuff like that and I guess your name will just have the Pokemon Ranger after it so for example if be Hayley the Pokemon Ranger and yeah, the enemies would definitely be a new rival team thing like team galactic except its team golden and they wanna hurt all the Pokemon because they are really mean??? Hope this makes sense to read
    May 21, 2020
  2. BrysontheFNaFFan
    Here's one! Five Nights at Bryson's! You must play as if it was FNaF. BBros' Museum needs a Night guard (Daven) Bryson Acts as Freddy Fasbear and can be stunned by the flashlight
    Grayson is Bonnie and is inactive on Night 4 until 4:00 Ballman... Don't laugh... Is Foxy Door won't stop him! Always be watching him! Boppy is Chica and inactive on Night 5. Ballman is inactive on night 2 Golden Bryson is Golden Freddy and is ALWAYS active like Bryson, get on new Can if you see him on screen on cam 3
    May 16, 2020
  3. BrysontheFNaFFan
    Make a game with a story... Main character... Enemies (optional)... Name... And rules!
    And a genre and way to win! Even Fan games are welcomed
    May 16, 2020