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Gaiien Region: Cover Your Nose and Mouth: Cantagion

by Keleri

cantagion dex.png
Keleri (Does not evolve.)

#???: Cantagion (cancer + contagion)

Cantagion is one of the Disaster Quartet, legendaries born out of the fear of human-created and cosmic disasters. Cantagion had been seen several times during pandemics and plagues in antiquity, and was captured during the most recent uncontrolled pandemic, when a severe norovirus spread among the Second Crossing population after Second Crossing soldiers and adepts returned to Nalea from Third Crossing-controlled Johto.

There were plans to use it offensively, but the energy-based diseases it can spread are wholly indifferent to factors like "friend", "foe", "handwashing", or "sterilization". Cantagion is kept under heavy containment at [REDACTED].

Design notes: Starfish, skin diseases, gross stuff

Believe it or not I had the idea for this guy long before our current predicament, and it seemed topical to present it now. : P nyeheheh
  1. Psycho Monkey
    Psycho Monkey
    Somehow I feel like someone will release this thing from its containment, get infected, and spread the ailment globally in G&D as a fictional recreation of our current reality.
    May 25, 2020
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