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Gaiien Region: Cotton Candy Deers: Springbuck, Spronghorn

by Keleri

springbuck line.png
Keleri Trainers are reminded that although fairy-type pokemon are typically cute-looking and playful, they are by nature capricious and Springbuck and Spronghorn’s greater mass make them especially dangerous. However, they can typically be repelled by the use of poison, especially the easily-learned Toxic technique.

#033 - Springbuck
Spiral Horn Pokemon
They can leap high into the air and manipulate air-type energy to fly. They can be mischievous, deliberately destroying gardens and ornamental plants.
Learnset: Tackle, Fairy Wind, Charm, Gust, Fly, Cotton Spore

#034 - Spronghorn
Spiral Horn Pokemon
Their gloomy and cantankerous natures are at odds with their cheerful coloring. They eschew the quick footwork of their pre-evolution in favor of decisive attacks.
Base Stats: 70/90/70/90/70/90
Ability: Cute Charm / Serene Grace, Hidden: Pixilate
Learnset: Stomp, Horn Attack, Wing Attack, Air Slash, Misty Terrain, Moonblast, Play Rough, Hi Jump Kick, Megahorn, Horn Leech, Airdrop, Tailwind, Hurricane, Tempest, Razor Wing, Midsummer Dream, Brownie Points, Get Pucked

No brakes on this Gaiien charismatic mammals train. The Springbuck character in the fic used to be a Stantler, an underused and mostly-forgotten pokemon in 2005 (and still so in 2017, heh), but the future brought with it new types and the opportunity for way too many Shakespeare references. Spronghorn, despite the pun on the name of an american artiodactyl, is based on the Giant Eland, which is actually a shy and nocturnal antelope, and reportedly delicious to the point that several subspecies are critically endangered. (I assume they don’t taste like cotton candy, though.)

Russell catches a Springbuck in Chapter 5 of my fanfic, Gods and Demons.