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My OCs: Corrupted Clown

by Midnight Heart

Midnight Heart Name: Trivvy
Age: Unknown

Gender: Non-Binary (Pronouns are They/Them)

Birthday: July 15

Family: Unknown

Personality: They are playful and cheerful, and usually quite friendly. Despite their odd appearance, that some may describe as crazy, they really aren't crazy at all, they just like wearing things they find comfortable, or that they think looks nice. Often jokes around and tries to make people laugh, due to the fact that causing people to laugh allows them to steal their souls. Unfortunately, they currently are unable to control this ability, and thus, do not have many friends, as people's souls are stolen automatically when they laugh at them due to the fact they are unable to control their ability.

Other: Though they can eat regular food, it does not actually make them full. Thus meaning they can eat and eat, and never get full by eating normal food, and will starve to death unless they consume souls, as that is the only thing they are capable of eating that actually qualifies as food to them and their people. They can still taste normal food however, and are extremely fond of candy.
They have several badges that they like to wear on their overalls, and often switch them out. (Meaning if you draw them, you can draw them with whatever badge(s) you'd like, as long as the badge doesn't have something offensive on it)

I tried to give them an interesting and kinda strange outfit, since they are a clown and clowns usually wear pretty crazy looking outfits. I tried to make the skirt on their overalls and the bottom of their pants look kinda poofy too, since most clown outfits I've seen are usually poofy or have something poofy on them. They were really fun to design, especially since I've never actually made a clown character before. :D
  1. Butterflygon
    Cool design! As for a name... I'm thinking Trivia or Enigma or something like that. To allude to their mysterius nature.
    Jul 18, 2021
    Midnight Heart likes this.
  2. Midnight Heart
    Midnight Heart
    @Shikowara Clown says thanks! :D

    Unknown actually wouldn't be a bad name, I mean their age, family, and backstory is unknown, so. XD Unknown seems a bit too simple, if I do name them that I would probably find a way to change it up and make it seem a bit more creative though. Thanks for the suggestion~ :D
    Jul 17, 2021
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  3. Shikowara
    Happy belated birthday to your clown friend~
    Maybe you should name them Unknown.
    Jul 17, 2021
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