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All type and Dual type Eeveelution project: Consisteon (Stage 2 Normal type)

by Eliiiscool

Eliiiscool Consisteon, the satisfied pokemon (I would like help for a better title, that was the best I had)

Height: 3'
Weight: 55.1 lbs
Hidden ability:

Consisteon is the normal evolution of Eevee, not subject to any extreme change due to environment, they only grew in size and power on evolution. Consisteon will often stay in the same place with a pack.

Consisteon evolves from Eevee onpon level up at intervals of five over twenty when not subjected from effects that would have it evolve it into other types
  1. ThePlayfulFox
    This creature... the eyes... it is a sign of pure evil! RUN BEFORE IT STEALS YOUR SOUL!
    (The eyes are a bit creepy paired with that smile)
    Nov 20, 2019
    Eliiiscool likes this.
  2. CreepyKidInDaCorner
    It's good but it looks like it's staring into my soul.
    Oct 20, 2019
    Eliiiscool likes this.
  3. Eliiiscool
    I did this while I was sick, do you all think it is good?
    Oct 18, 2019