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Konoha's Newest Ninjas: Conquering...a Reasonably Sized Hill, Definitely Not a Mountain

by OmegaCarvineplays

OmegaCarvineplays Zen's test has begun and he's been taken aback by the test. His possibility of becoming a Genin.
Taking roughly a minute per question, Zen breezed through the questions." For the last question do I divide by 3 or 6?" A whisper disrupted his thoughts. He looked at Akira and scratched a 6 onto his paper, then rubbed the pencil mark out. The Hyuuga nodded his head in approval and put his pencil down, alongside his test.
The last 15 minutes were boring, wasting time drawing and messing around with a piece of blue tack.
Konahamaru-sensei knocked his hand against the wall." Time's up. Hand your papers to the person on the end of the row." Zen passed his paper and 2 others to Akira who handed them forward to Mirai. After the collecting was finished they were dismissed to go outside." Zen next we have the practical exam. Do you think it's going to be a transformation jutsu test?" Zen shrugged and grabbed a kunai. He threw it at a tree and grinned as it struck the target." Don't worry about it. None of us will fail if it's a transformation jutsu test." Akira and Mirai nodded.
Konohanaru-sensei pokes his head out of the test room and called out to the students to line up. Each student was given their identity card and the first student entered." Great I'm last." Zen cursed as he watched Akira go in then Mirai. Around an hour had passed and Zen was the last one left. He entered and grinned." Hey there old man Hokage." He waved and Konohamaru-sensei blurted out in anger." Naruto Uzumaki, our Hokage, does not deserve that welcoming. Introduce yourself formally." He was cut short from his continued rabbling by the Hokage." No need. Zen I hope you show me your true potential. Mr I'm a Jinchuuriki stronger than you all."