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Confusion and Madness

by ~Rinko~

~Rinko~ A thing I wrote. It's amazing to see how much one can write with only 5-8 completely random words of inspiration.
I probably won't continue this.
The moonlight poured through the soft, velvety curtains. Or, apparently, ‘silky’. ‘Angel Silk’ looked much more like pale-coloured velvet than silk. I sighed, it wasn’t like me to scrutinise over details like that. I stood there, in the middle of the small, round room, gazing out the lone window, for a while.

A story came to mind. One about the secrets the moon hides.


All sorts of darkness comes forth at night. Acts of hatred, of pain and of fear, they awaken at night within the hearts of the broken, the deluded and the misguided.

Often at night, these things happen, but more so on clear nights, with the bright full moon watching from up above. Why do you think that is?

Because of the light?

No, not entirely. The moon itself causes that and never, ever, tells what it sees. Not even to the sun or to Adeliu, the brightest figure of the night.

If one says you are “like the moon,” then it means you easily beguile or lie to others. I wish you will never hear that about yourself. Be like the sun, bold, honest and kind. Please.


I took a deep breath, staring at the moon. It was almost certainly full. ‘Perhaps can I see if that story is true?’ I thought.

I turned to my left and picked up a fur cloak, draping it over my shoulders. I sighed again, suddenly feeling quite exhausted, I blinked a few times, but that only made my head hurt, I started to get dizzy...

When I had woken up, it had darkened almost completely. Blinking my eyes open, I stretched my arms out to the sides and pushed myself up. Pointlessly brushing down my shirt, I saw the door to my room was open and, through there all throughout the narrow corridor, about a dozen people lying around.

I walked over to the nearest one. A man with dark brown hair and a slightly wrinkled face, wrapped up in a red robe. I gently shook him by the shoulders, with the hope of an explanation.

Just as I gave trying to wake him, the man’s eyes suddenly opened and grabbed my arm, squeezing it. I tried to pull myself loose, wincing at the pain, but soon I collapsed, panting heavily.

“Almighty... saviour... educate those... who ignore... His... word...” the man muttered, before letting go of my arm and sinking back against the wall. I didn’t quite understand what he meant, but I couldn’t ask him about, for sure...

When I caught my breath, I rose up, bowed my head and moved to the next person. She said a similar thing before she died. It was the same for all of them, in fact.

I took a deep breath as I nudged open the door at the other end of the corridor. Peering in, I could see the room was empty. With a great sigh of relief, I pushed the door fully open and walked in. But to my right, there was an alarming surprise.

The other door, the front door, was open.

I still don’t understand how the front door and my door were opened, but not the one inbetween. But I was too confused and panicked even to think of that. I rushed to the door and slammed it shut, spinning around as I locked it. I ducked down to see below the table, no one there. I hurried across the corridor, desperate to get to the bottom of all that was going on. I was too panicked, too scared, too fearful.

It was when those thoughts crossed my mind I realised what it was.

I dashed back into the main room and glanced out the window there, the moon was still shining bright.

It was the moon that caused all that. Everything. Everything that was there, even my madness. I relaxed a little, though I still needed to know more. About the people, what they said, who put them here... what precisely had happened.

I will find that out.

But, can I, really?
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