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Come discuss your pokemon teams with me

by Echosparks

KT's team.png
Echosparks (Yes I do understand that I need an updated version of this picture.)

Update: This is also posted in pokemon chat because I'm new and I'm scared to do something wrong. Heh.

So I love seeing what people would have on their Pokemon teams if pokemon was actually real. Not your OC's pokemon team - yours. I would love to know why and how you got each of your pokemon.
Please don't post something like "I would have all legendary pokemon"
Here is mine!
(In order from when I would receive them)

1. Buddy the shiny growlithe (Male) - Named after my first dog buddy would be the first pokemon I got because of my love for dogs. He would be shiny because it reminds me of a tan dog stuffed animal I had when I was younger.
2. Rose Quartz the sylveon (Male) - Rose joined my team when he was just an eevee. He was given to me as a gift when I was younger and I raised him to be a sylveon. Rose is a sylveon solely because they seem to get confused for girls a lot.
3. Natasha the braixen (Female) - Natsha is one of the few females on my team. She's named after Natasha Romanova (Or the black widow from the avengers). I believe that she would have been a gift when I was younger. She is one of the strongest members on my team despite only being in her second evolution.
4. Lucy (Lucifer) the houndour (Female) - Lucy is the second female on my team. She join after I rescued her from a animal shelter near my home. She was then named Lucifer (nicknamed Lucy) after a running joke with friends.
5. Murdock the Noivern (Male) - Murdock joined the team when I was traveling around the world. He was named after a certain blind crime fighter (and super awesome Avocado at law)
6. Anubis the Lucario (Male) - Anubis was the last to join the team, I ended up finding him at the British museum during my time in England. (He is also on my team due to my love for ancient cultures)

Well then. That's my team, well minus the other pokemon I have stored away in my box. (Yes, I'm trash and they all have backstories and names too)
  1. LokaMocha
    I honestly change my team too much to get a definite. But, I honestly think that I would have a Togekiss and a Wynaut.
    Apr 28, 2016
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  2. Onebrickyboi
    my team in pokemon x was garchomp and shiny haxorous
    Apr 28, 2016
  3. Crazy Umbreon Lady
    Crazy Umbreon Lady
    I like the Noivern!!!! :)
    Apr 28, 2016
  4. NerdyNinja
    Greninja (Male)
    I always start with water pokemo, and I also love Greninja
    He was my very first Pokemon
    Tauros (Male)
    A Pokmon I got in the safari zone in Kanto, I loved Tauros in the anime, he was Epic, with that fissure, but nobody really uses him, so I thought he could fit well on my team :)
    Jet- Salamence
    Jet joined my team when it was still a Bagon, I raised it to become the High flyer Salamence, it always wanted to
    (Can Mega Evolve)
    Sparky joined my team a little while ago, It was adorable, and an electric type, I don't think I'll evolve him, I jus like him like this :)
    Sonic- Noibat
    Found him in Terminus Cave, I have yet to train him, but he has moves like Supersonic to confuse enemy's
    Apr 27, 2016
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