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Oc Origins: Colt: Chapter 1

by AceyPie

AceyPie This is the first of many of what is to come as I have a lot of OC's that only few people know some only I know, but! I'll be leaving Easter Eggs as who those Oc's will be

P.S. This will be written in Colt's Point of View
June 7 2010

"Colt!" The voice of my trainer echoed through the halls I was slouching on the couch... Upside down of course as I was very bored "There you are!" My trainer picked me up she had Sky-Blue eyes Brown hair and always wore that Pikachu Hoodie of hers "You little troublesome Riolu. You need to fix the mess you made!" She booped my nose and put me down and I started walk to the Backyard.

Leaves were everywhere, Holes scattered, grass was ruined. I knew this was going to happen but I didn't think I'd regret it this much while I was cleaning something reminded me of the time me and she met I got lost in a daze

October 8, 2005

I was walking through Gaia forest, my home and prison. I wasn't allowed to go into Corisance City which was near it.

"Colt!" My sister called out she was Shiny But she didn't boast it "Ajax is here..." She was covering her mouth with signs of snickering A Kirlia walked right after I snickered too "Wow... You look ummm..." I tried to stop myself from laughing but Ajax interrupted "Not another Word..." The Kirlia seemed annoyed "You two boys go sort this out. AI need to lay down" Alexa was still snickering "What happened to you bro?" I finally got a hold of myself and tilted my head "I evolved..." She I MEAN HE replied "Holy Arceus you look even more like a girl.."
"Don't freaking judge me.... It's natural... Besides My parents and Orion are doing their best to Find me a Dawn Stone..." Ajax sat down on a stone "Well maybe there's one in Corisance?" I said looking into a Route "Are you crazy!? We might get caught!"
"Ah screw the rules. I say we can get in there. Get a Dawn Stone and come right back here!" I tried to get confidence into him and "You know what! I think we can!" He stood up with a confident pose and started to run towards Corisance and I followed.

We hid in the back alleys we met a few Rattata on the way and told us where we can get a Dawn Stone "Go to the Corisance Dept. Store" They said "It's near the Police Station" They said "Wait Police Station?" Ajax was suddenly feeling very nervous "Don't worry we can get that Dawn Stone in no time!" I rushed inside with Ajax behind me "Quick up the stairs!" I whispered to Ajax who simply teleported instead of walking up the stairs "Alright this is the stones Floor" Ajax said looking at a sign and quickly looked at a glass case and ran towards it "That's It!" Ajax's eyes glistened "Dude stop smudging your face on the glass.."
"Hello would you like a Dawn Stone? Where's your trainer?" A lady on the Receptionist counter spoke "No trainer? Better call the Pokemon Patrol..." The girl took a phone but we were long gone
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