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The Adventures of Sir Sceptile: Cold as Ice!

by Red_The_Champion

As Kyle walked to his daily job, the Petalburg Times, where he worked as a personal assistant to the manager, Mr. Magoki, he saw his friend Seline walking ahead of him. "Seline!" he shouted as she came running over to him. "What's new?"

She rolled her eyes. "The boss won't promote me! No matter how hard I try, no matter how much work I put in....." Suddenly, she got a message from work. "OMG!"

"What happened?" Kyle gasped, ready for a worst-case scenario.

"The boss is uploading a new headline!" Selina exclaimed. "A villain is freezing massive buildings one by one, sealing them off! The police can't seem to break through it!"

Kyle knew that this was a case for Sir Sceptile! He walked to his job, worked, got home, and did some research about which buildings the villain was planning. He noticed that they were all invested in a certain stock, and there was one more company invested in the stock: Petalburg Times. So tonight, the villain would strike there!

At night, Kyle and Sceptile snuck inside the Petalburg Times to wait out the villain, and finally, they felt a cold draft of air from outside. He was here!

"Come on out, Sir Sceptile!" shouted the man in front of the door. "Aren't you going to fight me?"

"Yes!" said the Sir. "And I will bring you to justice! Sceptile go!"

"Tsk, tsk," said the man. "The Freeze doesn't take orders from the likes of you! Beatrice, Blizzard!"

Suddenly, a Beartic jumped in front of the Freeze and shot out a Blizzard attack. "Now," said Freeze, "Use Ice Beam and keep 'em stuck!" Beatrice then shot out a beam of ice and managed to freeze the Sir in place, but Sceptile dodged.

"It's-it's time for us-s-s to f-f-fight back!" said Kyle, his whole body frozen except for his head. "Sceptile, Leaf Blade now!"

"Beartic, Ice Punch!" shouted the Freeze.

The two leaped at each other and used their moves. They both did a great deal of damage to one another, but Beartic was stronger.

"Yes!" shouted Freeze."Use Icicle Spear!"

'This is our chance to turn things around,' the Sir realized. "Sceptile," he commanded, "u-use Leaf S-Storm to hurl those i-i-icicles back at B-B-B-Beartic!"

Not only were the icicles thrown back at the surprised Beartic, but the Leaf Storm hit it straight in the face and knocked it out! Sceptile then ran to the shocked Freeze with Quick Attack and put on his handcuffs.

"Now," said the Sir, as Sceptile freed him from the ice. "Justice has been served!"
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