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Ennen Creatures: Colba

by NonAnalogue

lizardfolk w ref.png
NonAnalogue The colbas are a rare sentient species in Ennen. Pictured here is an adult female colba; the adult males are roughly two thirds as big with more pronounced spikes. Colbas are relatives of kobolds (and by extension distant relatives of dragons) and, like kobolds, tend to be solitary or living only in small groups. They tend to make their homes underground or in caves, where they compete for resources with goblins. Colbas are omnivores unlike their kobold brethren; their powerful legs mean they can run down prey and scale cliffs and trees in search of vegetation with ease. Colbas are attracted to trinkets and shiny objects - even broken horns and claws will be hoarded and fashioned into accessories, as seen above on the colba's tail. Crafts are a large part of the colbas' society - while female colbas hunt, male colbas will instruct their young on the intricacies of crafts. Crafts are also used in bartering.

While their sharp claws and tough leathery skin mean that colbas are very capable of defending themselves, sometimes colbas will loot armor or weapons from other sentient species. They seem to be attracted more to the craftsmanship of the loot moreso than anything else.

Ultimately, the colbas are not a terribly threatening species - a bit of a rarity for Ennen - but they can be fierce and unrelenting when driven into a corner.

Elements: earth, emotion