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My OCs: Clyde the Sylveon/Altaria fusion

by Midnight Heart

Midnight Heart Adopted from CatEnergetic on Pokefarm Q!

Name: Clyde Cloud
Gender: Male
Species: Sylveon and Altaria fusion
Age: 17
Type: Fairy/Flying
Personality: Clyde is a mischievous little guy who likes playing pranks on people, and is quite adventurous. If he can't do something one way, you can bet he's going to find another way. He's also quite fearless and reckless, often jumping into fights if need be without a second thought, which, unfortunately, has occasionally landed him in a Pokemon Center. He's very protective of his little sister, Claudia.
Family: Claudia (Sister, Eevee/Altaria fusion)
Crush: None
Other: None