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Drawing Notebook 4: Clusterlord Rainbrow

by E.K.A.N.S.

E.K.A.N.S. THE FINAL DRAWING that I'll be uploading as part of the Drawing Notebook 4 series. It's actually not from a notebook as you can see from the lack of lines. I drew this on the back of an assignment in 2015. I got full credit on the assignment and the teacher even looked on the back and wrote "Wow! Love it!" next to my drawing, though I cropped out the comment so that the art is the only focus. From the left I also cropped out this character's daughter because I didn't draw her as well as I did this guy.

Anyway, this is Clusterlord Rainbrow, the 11th strongest Clusterlord whose power secretly rivals that of the strongest. Here's a short bio:

Name: Rainbrow, "The Chameleon"
Age: 54
Gender: Male
Height: 5'9"
Planet: Ilusile
Galaxy: Dottenstroke

Rainbrow was once a guerrilla fighter and war veteran who liberated a planet. He has the immense power of changing the color of his body or parts, so that only objects of the same color can damage him. He can pass through any surface by matching its color, or he can suck the color out of spaces entirely and render his opponents trapped in pitch darkness. A far more advanced stage of his power is acquiring the powers of others simply by becoming their color. Rainbrow is OP and disloyal to the scientist, but the latter keeps him in check by assigning other Clusterlord-level fighters to his planet to make sure he doesn't betray them. Otherwise, they'll kill Rainbrow's daughter Bluia, whom he loves more than anything.