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Cluciem City

by raccoonchan12

Cluciem City.png
raccoonchan12 Cluciem City is a City of Snow which is located up North of there Region.The area is like a Winter Wonderland,and a vacation area,for tourists.Many Trainers can go on a vacation and visit Cluciem City at,the Cluciem Resorts.There is a Kitchen on the 1st Floor on the Left who prepares their special hometown meals and buffets.On the right is a Gift Shop that sells Poke Dolls,Lava Cookies,Battle Effect Items,and Vitamins.The Building next to the Gym is The Cluciem Tower.The People who were born and raised in Cluciem City lives there,From the 1st Generation through Today's Generation lives there and help build there City.The city is also known for Steel,Rock,and Fighting Pokemons.
If you try and head to the Gym,there is a Black Belt that is guarding the door.He's blocking the door since Donny is not at the gym.He and his daughter Amanda are up at Mount Glemcia.There is a old couple at the front Entrance,They're one of the elders of Cluciem City,and they heard an avalanche coming through.It wasn't a regular Avalanche,it was made by an explosive.They think someone is trying to Bury down the City into nothing.They want your help to stop the people who're trying to make CLuciem City into a wasteland.The 2 People you see when you enter the City,is a journalist,who's trying to get some stories about the rumors of a rare Pokemon up on Mount Glemcia's Cave and about a group people heading into the cave.Her name is Luraine.The man she's talking to is the Gym Leader's Cousin Doug.He needs someone to go to the cave and check the Glemcia Cave about the People heading in the cave.