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Cloudy Alignment: Cloudy Alignment (Left)

by Morningstar

Clouds (Left aligned)(Magenta).png Clouds (Left aligned)(Crimson).png Clouds (Left aligned)(Vermilion).png Clouds (Left aligned)(Tangerene).png Clouds (Left aligned)(Aureolin).png Clouds (Left aligned)(Chartreuse).png Clouds (Left aligned)(Harlequin).png Clouds (Left aligned)(Spring).png Clouds (Left aligned)(Veridian).png Clouds (Left aligned)(Cerulean).png Clouds (Left aligned)(Azure).png Clouds (Left aligned)(Indigo).png Clouds (Left aligned)(Violet).png
Morningstar Set One of a Series I made. With the other set being a mirrored version. There are two examples based on how the name is justified.
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  1. Teapot
    @EaroPKMN These are not usable in the Trainer Card Maker yet - they need to be added by me first. You'll see a newspost on the front page once I've done a TCM update :)
    Jan 7, 2015
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  2. EaroPKMN
    how do you use them
    im new
    Jan 7, 2015
  3. Hydroblade
    Jan 7, 2015