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Cloud's Sinnoh Journey (Chapter 4)

by SwiftNinetalez

SwiftNinetalez Cloud is preparing for his rival battle at Sandgem Town.
~Atlantic Admin Sierra arrives at Route 201.

Sierra: Where is the boss? and that grunt..
Sierra: Ugh.. they must be at the Wilson River.

~ Sierra goes to the Wilson River ~

Sierra: OMG! they are not here either! where are they?!

~ Sierra's Phone Rings

Sierra: I wonder who that could be.

Sierra: Hello? who is this!
???: Its me Sierra..

Sierra: Boss! where the heck are you?!
???: I'm back at the base.

Sierra: Is this some kind of JOKE?!
???: My grunt called you, then we headed to the Wilson River..

???: We tried to hurt a brown haired boy named Tyler..

???: But.. But..

???: Then, some kid came by named Cloud, and beat me!

Sierra: Wait WHAT?!
???: He had a Riolu, but my Houndour didn't stand a chance.

Sierra: Where is Cloud!
???: He probably left Wilson River already and headed near the entrance to Route 201.

Sierra: I will go catch that kid! he will pay.
???: Not so fast Sierra, lets wait until he reaches Jubilife City okay?

Sierra: Ugh.. Ok boss.. (Thinks) I guess I'll have to wait.

???: See you back at the base!

~ Call ends ~

~ Meanwhile with Cloud ~

Cloud: Riolu! come on out!

Riolu: Rio Rio!

Cloud: Riolu, we will take down those thugs okay?

Riolu: Rio Rio! :)

Cloud: Good! now lets go back to Twinleaf Town and tell my mom everything.

~ Cloud heads back to Twinleaf Town ~

Mom: You what?!

Cloud: I was at the Wilson River, and some thugs were trying to hurt Tyler!

Cloud: And then, I chosed my starter and went up against this tall man..

Mom: Hmm.. that's a good thing that you came just in time to save Tyler! :)

Cloud: Yeah.. and Tyler might of.. Pushed off the man's grunt in the ri---

Mom: Ummm.. Could you not tell me that please..

Cloud: Okay then Mom.

Mom: Oh! I almost forgot! these came in the mail while you were at the river!

~ Cloud obtained a Pokedex and some Running Shoes ~

Cloud: Sweet! Thanks Mom!

Mom: No problem dear.

Cloud: Anyway, Tyler wants to battle me at Sandgem Town, so I'll be leaving tomorrow morning.

Mom: Okay! it's getting late out anyways.. you should go to bed now.

Cloud: Ok then, goodnight Mom!

Mom: Goodnight honey! :)

~ Cloud heads upstairs to his room ~

~ Cloud puts on some Pikachu Pyjamas ~

~ Cloud lays down in his bed ~

Cloud: Goodnight.. Riolu..


~ Cloud's Nightmare ~

(Dream) Cloud: Oh! I'm in a dream..

(Dream) Cloud: I'm flying! I can see Twinleaf Town! and the Pokémon League!


(Dream) Cloud: AHHHHH! What.. was.. that..?


(Dream) Cloud: What.. IS THAT THING?!?!



Darkrai: Silly child, I'm using Dark Void on your sweet little dreams.

Darkrai: And turning them into SCARY NIGHTMARES! HAHAHAHA! :D

(Dream) Cloud: Wake up.. Wake up... WAKE UP.. WAKEEEEE UP!

~ Nightmare Ends ~

~ Few hours later ~ (Morning)

Mom: Rise and shine Cloud!

Cloud: Owwww.. Mom! don't wake me up like that!

Mom: Sorry honey, anyway! I made you some new trainer clothes to wear on your journey.

Cloud: Looks cool! Thanks mom.

Mom: That's not all, I'm also giving you a Cellphone to call people with.

Cloud: Sweet! that will be awesome.

Mom: Well.. You are 13 years old aren't you?

Cloud: Hah Hah! of course Mom!

Mom: Anyway, when you get out of bed, there will be toast waiting for you on the counter.

Cloud: Thanks! I'll be down soon enough.

~ Mom heads Downstairs ~

~ Cloud then gets on his trainer clothes ~

~Cloud heads Downstairs ~

Cloud: Yummm! my favorite toast!

~ Someone knocks on the door ~

Mom: I'll answer that!

~ Mom opens door ~

Mom: Hello?

Police Officer: Hello Ma'am, have you seen any people wearing blue on?

Mom: No I haven't.

Cloud: I know officer!

Officer: Ok then, tell me what you know.

Cloud: I went to the Wilson River, and I battled a man wearing Blue.

Officer: Yes yes! your talking about Team Atlantic.

Cloud/Mom: Team Atlantic?

Officer: You haven't heard? they are an organization where they use some Fire pokemon and mainly Water type pokemon.

Officer: They have been capturing people's Pokémon to use as slaves.

Mom: That's horrible!

Officer: Indeed.

Officer: Anyway, Thank you for the info kid, that helps us notice.

Cloud: No problem.

Mom: Goodbye Officer.

Officer: Goodbye.

~ Officer leaves ~

Mom: Uh oh..

Cloud: What Mom?

Mom: ... ... Listen..

Mom: ... I used to be one of them Cloud.

Cloud: Why?!

Mom: ... Because! for someone I knew at the time..

Cloud: ... I can't believe it! My mom used to be an Atlantic grunt..

Cloud: Mom.. I have to start my journey now.. Take care.. Goodbye..

Mom: Okay Cloud.. :( GOODBYE! HAVE FUN... MEET NEW FRIENDS! :(

Mom: Do it for me! collect the 8 badges and win it all!

Cloud: Your making me cry Mom! :( I WILL WIN FOR YOU!

Mom: ..That's the spirit..

Cloud: Goodbye Mom..

Mom: Goodbye.. Cloud..

~ Cloud sets off on his journey ~

~ End of Chapter 4 ~