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City Pokemon Vs Wild/Feral Pokemon

by Kittythewhitehairedone

Kittythewhitehairedone Hi guys, I'm doing some things, it's Kinda like Pokemon Mystery Dungeon because there's only Pokemon but in the same way it's not PMD, no humans have turned into Pokemon, there are more darker themes, just stuff. I've come up with a concept where Pokemon are separated in two groups, which are the City Pokemon and Wild/Feral Pokemon. City Pokemon are more civilized while the Wild/Feral Pokemon act more like wild animals that kill and eat each other (kinda messed up). I'm still working on stuff for this PMD(?) AU but I do have some cool ideas :)

(Also I'm sorry, drawing kinda sucks :/ I don't know how to draw Pikachu that well. I can draw better than this)
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