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Elsword: Chung Seiker - sprite

by CombuskenBrazil

CombuskenBrazil Caham.
I already gave a "spoiler" about this sprite for someone. Now, IT'S HERE!!!
Well, about Elsword: A Free-To-Play MMORPG/Beat'n Up game, where you have awesome mangá boys and girls with a nice pair of....

...eyes. Seriously, this is a nice joke with a character that have two different colored eyes, and... Nah, nevermind.

About Chung Seiker...
OH MY ARCEUS, this is my favorite character in the game! He seems to be a girl, but with his class change... he turns into a (half) woman....
But in other (my favorite) he turns into a real man!!!! Yeaaaah!!!
And in the third class change... he keeps being a boy.
(Or a Pikachu!!! Search about Tactical Trooper and get your conclusion)

Well, this sprite was very hard! Seriously, I destroyed my PC and I started playing League of Legends forever after finishing it.

Bem... Acho que foi tudo, né? Ah, tô escrevendo em Brasileiro porque quero ver vocês traduzindo isso. Bom, espero que tenham gostado do sprite! Agora, se divirtam.

(Any English error, warn me)
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