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Chronicles of Crimson Heart: A Fairy Tail Story: Chronicles of Crimson Heart: A Fairy Tail Story (Chapter 2)

by Godjacob

Godjacob Diane and her new "friend" arrive in Ameone Town, though perhaps a rough start to their discussion is only the beginning...
“All aboard all aboard! Stop at Anemone Town, next stop Calluna City!”​

Ameone Town, a quiet little harbor town that is an attractive sight for beach going tourists. More importantly, it served as a branch point for those who desired to go towards Magnolia Town. The home of the Fairy Tail guild which had only grown more popular after the exploits of Natsu and his friends as Fairy Tail’s popularity only further increased attracting many aspiring mages.

Diane herself had been one of those mages inspired by the exploits of those Fairy Tail Mages, as evident by her big grin as she stepped off the train knowing she was just one more train ride away from her desired destination.

Alright, just one stop away from meeting Fairy Tail. This is too exciting! All I need to do is find the earlies time the next train leaves, get a ticket and…


Before Diane had a chance to react, the guy she had tried to converse with on the train barged past her at full speed. Which knocked Diane off the train as she face planted on the ground of the station while the guy ran to a nearby trash can and began to puke once more. Diane took a moment to dust herself off as she stood up and shot a glare at the guy as she had been clearly annoyed with his rather sudden exit. Though seeing him vomit caused the glare to drop as she simply let out an annoyed sigh.

Guy is still pouring his guts out. Well who knows now that he’s out of the train I can finally get a name from the guy. I mean, given how rude he has been to me it’s the least he could do…

So Diane walked over to the motion-sick individual as he had finished his latest “emptying out” and began to pant as he slumped against the trash can. Diane crouched down so she was at eye level as the guy offered a tired glare at the girl.

“Don’t you…say anything.” He said, clearly being a bit self-conscious about being caught in this compromising position. If nothing else that gave Diane some satisfaction though she masked her teasing grin.

“Nothing to say really. Though maybe now that you are finished puking your guts out you could tell me your name? I asked about it on the train but I don’t think you heard me very well. Given you were a bit green in the face.” Diane said which only caused the guy to frown, and he kept silent for a moment even as the color return to his face. Diane saw he was being difficult which caused her to let out another sigh.

“My name is Diane Genzet. Look I’m not trying to pester you, I’m just trying to be friendly is all and felt we didn’t get a conversation going on the train.” Diane said, though in truth there was another reason she was so determined to strike a conversation with him. Diane had taken note of his motion sickness, and again while she didn’t want to make a judgement call the fact remained given how sever it appeared to be combined with what she had already read in Lucy’s autobiography and well…even if it had been a one percent chance, getting to meet a possible Dragon Slayer she was not gonna let it slip away. Though she could not just ASK him directly, she needed to establish a little trust if nothing else cause she figured people don’t just ask about each other’s magic; least of all without even knowing his name.

As Diane gave her introduction, the guy remained silent as he seemed to think it over. Though eventually the guy got to his feet as he seemed to have all but recovered from the motion sickness as he faced Diane with a neutral expression as she waited for any response or even for him to just walk away. Though it seemed Diane finally got through to him as he seemed prepared to actually talk.

“Marcus. Marcus Charibim.” The guy, Marcus, said as he introduced himself to the girl. Marcus normally would have left after that, but given a certain pair of words he remembered from the train ride there was something he had been curious about.

“Say…that annoying chatter back onto the train. You mentioned something of Fairy Tail no? Or was I too disoriented to remember what you said.” Marcus asked, and instantly this caused Diane’s eyes to sparkle as she grinned in practically child-like wonder which caused Marcus to sweat drop a bit.

“Oh yes! I was reading the personal account of one of it’s members, Lucy Heartfilia. She is so amazing! I want to be just like her, to go on those wild adventures and have an experience I’ll never forget. In fact that’s why I’m here! See I am a mage and I want to join Fairy Tail so I had to stop here to get on the next train to Magnolia Town…”

In truth, when Diane began her excited monologue Magnus had almost immediately began to tune her out. He already got the gist of what she said, being she was a clear fangirl do he didn’t need to pay attention to the details. However, when Diane mentioned that she only stopped by Ameone Town just to catch the next train to Magnolia Town he frowned.

“Figured as much. Look miss, as much as I’d love to her you gush about Fairy Tail, I think you should go and get your ticket. Wouldn’t want to linger any longer than needed in this pit stop.” Marcus said, his tone filled with sarcasm and perhaps a touch of bitterness as he turned and began to walk away. Diane frowned, as she could tell she had done something to make Marcus upset, though the Crystal-Make mage had no way to know what that was. Still, she tailed Marcus for a bit as she wanted to get to the bottom of it; getting people mad was the last thing she wanted to do.

“H-hey, did I say something wrong?” Diane asked as Marcus came to a stop, though he had yet to turn around to face Diane.

"Tell me, miss, what do you know about Ameone Town? What do you know of it beyond it being a connection path to get to Magnolia Town? Have you heard of something called Crimson Heart?” Marcus asked, as he kept his back towards her. Diane had an eyebrow raised, as she felt that seemed like a random question though even she could tell Marcus was looking for something. What that was Diane had no way to know so she just decided to be honest.

“Well, Ameone Town is a coastal area. Least from what I’ve come to know. And sorry I do not know of this “Crimson Heart” you are referring to.” Diane replied, as Marcus smirked in response on his end though Diane could not see that or his look of annoyance in general that came when he heard her reply.

“Figured as much. This place isn’t much more than a tourist trap or some check point to get to the home of that guild. But go ahead, enjoy your stay at our finest train station. And who knows, maybe you’ll mention this place by name when you fill our your Fairy application.” Marcus said and before Diane had another chance to reply he was gone as he walked forward. Immediately Diane felt a wave of guilt through her body as she realized that Marcus was likely a local or at least she presumed he was one and she may have overlooked this place. Maybe Diane had been too quick to focus on her goal of getting into Fairy Tail she overlooked the journey there.

Though before Diane had a chance to dwell on this, something to the side of her caught her eye. As she walked over to a wall of a building, she saw what appeared to be a wanted poster with a picture of three individuals on it. Diane focused less on the faces and more on the words themselves.

The Minight Bandits!

And I am back with a new chapter! Apologies for the delay, got a lot of stuff on my plate. First and foremost I want to give a special shout-out to my new editor. The amazing and talented @SS-I Never

Seriously thanks for the help. You have no idea how much I appreciate it. Anyway with that here are the links to the first chapter in case someone stumbles across this and needs some context.


And some tags for some special people who are kind enough to read this.

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Thank you so much for the support, means the world to me. Always open to constructive criticism and suggestions and I hope you enjoy this chapter and have a wonderful day :)
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