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Chronicles of Crimson Heart: A Fairy Tail Story: Chronicles of Crimson Heart: A Fairy Tail Story (Chapter 1)

by Godjacob

Godjacob Years after the adventures of the Fairy Tail Guild, the next generation of mages are ready to make their mark.
“Natsu is a Fairy Tail Wizard!?”

Yeah, I had not been prepared for that. Then again how could I have been? Neither Happy nor Natsu gave any indication he was a mage. Let alone with Fairy Tail of all guilds!

Though that had been far from my only surprise that night. I found out moments later that the charm creep was no Fairy Tail made, but Bora who was kicked out of the Titan Nose Guild and had been planning to use his false Fairy Tail persona along with those illegal magical items to get women to sell off to the highest bidder to Bosco. Such a creep.

My eyes widened in horror soon after, as Bora delivered a strike with his fire magic that I thought sent Natsu ablaze. I had no time to do anything but call out his name before my jaw dropped as I saw Natsu eat the flames and emerged unharmed. I couldn’t believe this, and my shock only increased when Happy explained how he did it. That he was a Dragon Slayer. One taught their way of magic from a dragon itself…the same dragon that Natsu & Happy desired to find. Igneel.

As I watched Natsu use this…just awesome magic to pulverize that creep and his gang the realization of what I was seeing hit me all at once.

This was a Fairy Tail Mage. This was Natsu. And this adventure I was in, had only just began.

“So cool!”​

Sitting in the aisle seat of a fast moving train, a young girl no older than sixteen seemed to have her eyes glued to some novel held in her hands. A girl had a dark skin appearance with short black hair with a pair of matching colored eyes. She also had a lean yet athletic build; her figure was no eye catcher ala a Sorcerer Weekly model but had a notable feminine touch to it. She was wearing a light blue top with one long sleeve on the right arm and with a dark green vest over it. She also wore a pair of short black tights that she wears underneath a pair of light blue cargo short shorts and a pair of black boots.

Her name was Diane Genzet, a mage & traveler who happened to hold quite the special book in her hands. Fairy Tail’s Lucy Heartfilia had made her own personal accounts of her time with Fairy Tail in an autobiography titled “A True Fairy Tail: The Story of Lucy Heartfilia.” Well, the first volume of many which Diane had been a fan of. Actually to say she was a fan would have undersold it. She was an absolute fanatic. Having reread this first volume alone multiple times and even having read it out loud to herself while imagining herself there. The girl practically shook in place and had an eager grin merely at the thought of something like that. Being a member of Fairy Tail going on these amazing adventures as a guild mage. That was the life, no….that was the dream, one she intended to make a reality.

“I mean just think, what could be cooler than going on missions with Natsu. Doing battle with a badass like Erza, going shopping with Mirajne and…oh man I cannot wait! Isn’t that just exciting!?” Diane asked with some energy to the person she had been sitting next to…who simply had fallen asleep and only response with loud snoring. Diane’s enthusiasm died down as she greeted the older man with a scowl as her eyebrow twitched before she let out a sigh.

“Man everyone needs to be a buzzkill huh?” Diane said to herself as she refocused on her reread and prepared to begin the next chapter.

“M-man…c-can whoever back there with that annoying chatter just…just please shut up.”​

Diane was taken out of her immersion as she heard a rather sickly voice speak up in the seat behind her. Curious she turned around and glanced at who made that comment and found the curious sight.

The sight was a young man, who appeared to be around Diane’s age if not a year older. The guy had been laying on his side in a fetal position as his faced seemed rather paled. Like he was sick or something He had long spiky brown hair that reached down to his upper back and a pair of dark red eyes. Has as lean body that from what Diane could tell was muscular tone and if he could stand up would have been about a head shorter than most boys his age. As Diane got up and moved to get a better look, she took note that he seemed mostly topless; outside of a black jacket that cuts off above the wait and a rather a noticeable scar across his chest. He wore a pair of dark gold cargo pants with white tape wrapped around his feet and ankles with said feet covered by a pair of black & dark gold boots.

Seemed this guy had a bad case of motion sickness, something that had made her think of Natsu or any Dragon Slayer in Lucy’s autobiography but Diane had not been one to throw around accusations; especially when it concerned calling people out as Dragon Slayers. Since it seemed the seat in front of the prone guy had been open, Diane sat down and faced the sick critic who seemed to be struggling not to throw up. Diane took note of this as she reached into her traveling handbag she brought with her and pulled out a paper bag to hold it in front of the guy’s pale face.

“Here. I think you might need this.” Diane said as the guy almost seemed to give a glare at her in response.

“L-look…I don’t need your…I don’t need your help miss c-chatterbox…” The guy replied, not very kindly Diane felt but before he even had a chance to follow up on that his cheeks puffed as he took the bag and threw up inside it. Diane let out a sigh of annoyance in response as she gave the guy a chance to let it all out.

Gotta say, not the epic start to my journey I had been hoping for…

Alright, a bit smaller than I intended but the intro is out of the way. Hello all, this is a special anniversary work to celebrate the amazing RP Tales of Ender Eye. Which you should all check out with this helpful link here.


This is an expansion story in a sense of that RP. Focusing on another new guild within the same setting and their adventures. Though we are not quite there yet, and it's gonna be quite the rocky start to say the least.

And now, for some tagging. First my fellow Ender Eye peps.

@SS-I Never
@Rohan Kishibe

And another who may be interested.
@Excalibur Queen

Open to constructive criticism and suggestions. Hope you enjoy the read and have a wonderful day :)
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    Awh I'm late but this is fantastic.
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    LOVELY! AMAZING! FANTASTIC! I can’t wait for how this turns out.

    Tagging works by the way, just wanted you to know
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