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(Chris) Character Reference Sheet

by SilvallyTamer


Gender: Male

Personality: Courageous and almost always excited/happy.

Appearance: Blond Hair, Red Shirt, Black Shorts, White Sneakers, and Black Mega Ring.

Mega Ring Obtained from Mega Evolution Guru.


Froakie -> Frogadier -> Greninja -> Chris-Greninja -

Ability: Battle Bond

Moves: Water Pulse, Pound, Aerial Ace, Night Slash, Water Shuriken, Gunk Shot and Synchro Shuriken.

Obtained as a Starter Pokemon From Professor Sycamore.

Gender: Male

Torchic -> Combusken -> Blaziken -> Mega Blaziken -

Ability: Speed Boost

Moves: Ember, Scratch, Double Kick, Flame charge, Blaze Kick, High Jump Kick and Brave Bird.

Obtained as a secondary starter from Professor Sycamore.

Gender: Male

Mega Stone obtained from Mega Evolution Guru.

Espurr -> Meowstic (Male) -

Ability: Telepathy

Moves: Psybeam, Light Screen, Reflect, Psychic, Shadow Ball and Signal Beam.

Obtained at Parfume Palace.

Gender: Male

Honedge -> Doublade -> Aegislash -

Ability: No Guard -> Stance Change

Moves: Aerial Ace, Iron Head, Shadow Claw, Iron Defense, Head Smash and King Shield.

Obtained at Cylage City Iron Shop.

Gender: Female

Helioptile -> Heliolisk -

Ability: Lightning Rod

Moves: Tackle, Parabolic Charge, Thunderbolt, Dragon Tail, Bulldoze, and Thunder.

Obtained at Reflection Cave.

Gender: Female

Goomy -> Sligoo -

Ability: Gooey

Moves: Dragon Breath, Thunder Wave, Thunder Bolt, Dragon Pulse and Ice Beam.

Obtained at Laverre swamps.

Gender: Female

**Placed in P.C. for Kalos League**

Skrelp -> Dragalge -

Ability: Poison Point

Moves: Sludge Wave, Surf, Water Pulse and Dragon Pulse.

Obtained on the way to Kalos League.

Gender: Male

**Evolved during Kalos League**
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