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New Horizons: Chpt. 3

by LunarMxgic

LunarMxgic Piper wakes up from an uncanny nightmare, only to find that the bully on route 202 really had knocked her out with his pokemon. Gengar had been providing her with what had happened while she was sleeping, though it had done it through a nightmare transmission, which meant SOME bad things had to happen. As they continue their journey, they make friends with new pokemon, and travel towards Oreburgh city for Piper's first gym badge and Leo's first contest. #summercamp15
Piper's light blue eyes flew open, and she sat up in her pokemon center bed, the Chancey watching over her flipping out at the girl's sudden awakening. After calming the bright pink ball of hugablness down, she hopped out of her bed, following the pokemon nurse down the hallway where it had instructed her to follow. As she emerged from the mouth of the long white hallway, she saw her friends and Cordelia sitting in waiting room chairs, smiling when Piper had come out of her room.
"What happened?" The blonde questioned, causing Cordelia to roll her eyes, laughing a little as she let out Gengar.
"I asked Gengar here to keep you up to speed on what happened while you were asleep after you got knocked out by that trainer's Shinx. But to do that, it had to use it's Nightmare move on you, which, of course, caused bad things to happen in your dream. Anything disastrous that occurred during the dream didn't really happen in real life, however," The black-haired woman explained, her purple partner nodding the whole way through.
Nodding in understanding, she saw a pokeTech watch box sitting on a side table, and, walking up to it, she pointed and raised an eyebrow, Leo and Amalia nodding "Yes," as they pet and fed their pokemon. As she picked up the glossy white box, she pulled the top off, examining the watch inside. It was in the shape of an oval split in two, the oval being white with pink outlines. As she examined the strap, she saw that it was black with a streak of pink going down the center. There were two red buttons on the side of the watch. Putting it on, she pulled the instructions from the box, and placed them in her purse, deciding that she would hook it up to her pokedex later on in the day.
Rummaging through her purse even more, she began to freak out as she noticed that Turtwig's pokeball was missing.
"U-Uhm, guys!? Where's Turtwig's--" She stopped, noticing Gengar walking up to her. The round purple figure spat out something into it's hands. Upon closer inspection, through all the saliva, Piper noticed that it was... "Turtwig's pokeball?" Freaking out, she engaged it, letting the turtle out, and rushing to a sink to clean the red and white device.
Turtwig sighed as he watched his trainer rush to clean his pokeball, and began to smell something rather pleasant. Looking around, he noticed that Amalia was feeding her Piplup berries. Excited, he ran up to the black haired girl, and nudged her leg with his head, his little twig poking into her flesh. She looked down at him, smiling as she pulled a juicy Lum Berry from her mini cooler, putting it down in front of him.
Smiling, Turtwig opened his jaw, about to dig in, when Leo's Chimchar jumped down, snatching the berry. Seeing this, Turtwigs eyes welled up with tears, and he started crying, yelling out. Hearing this, Piper hurried from the bathroom, picking up the sad pokemon.
"Turtwig? What happened?" She asked, hugging him. As Turtwig sniffled some more, he pointed his stubby leg at Chimchar, who held the berry, Leo trying to snatch it from him. "That's your berry?" She asked, her friend nodding in response. Puffing her cheeks up in anger, she marched over to the mischievous fire pokemon, snatching the berry right from his thieving paws, holding it in her hand while Turtwig began to nibble on it.
"You need to teach your Chimchar some manners, Leo! I'm sure Amalia has plenty more yummy berries! He could have asked HER!" She yelled, clearly angered. Leo, who was cowering as far back into his chair as he could, nodded. While Piper was scolding Leo, Amalia fished an orange berry out of the cooler, handing it to Chimchar.
"It's a Tamato Berry. They are loved by fire types," She told the little monkey, who accepted it, biting into it, and finishing it in no time after experiencing the taste. Amalia smiled at the young pokemon, satisfied with how she had given them all a treat. Closing the cooler of, she put it back into her bag, watching as the pokemon nibbled on their berries, still laughing at how Piper was verbally beating up on Leo.
She then turned her attention to Cordelia, who was walking towards the kids after having a little chat with the nurse who worked the center. In her hands she held three cards, one orange, one blue, and one light green, all of them with black accents. She handed them to each of the trainers, and then began to explain the cards' uses.
"Those cards are your trainer cards--they can be modified to fit a certain class of trainer, but when you first receive them, they are base-set to standard trainer," She explained, turning to the nurse's desk. "If you want to change your trainer class, you are free to exchange cards, but only at the start of your journey. All swaps are final, so if you choose to switch out, you cant go back," She explained. "Different trainer cards allow you different privileges, for instance, if you have a Coordinator identification, then you can challenge and obtain badges from gyms, but you cant enter the pokemon league; the same goes for standard trainer cards as well, you can participate in local contests that aren't too big and important, and you can also win ribbons, but you cannot enter the larger scale contests," She told.
After Cordelia was done explaining, Leo stood up, walking his card over to the nurse's desk. Placing the piece of plastic onto the solid orange surface, he began to speak.
"I would like to swap for a Coordinator I.D.," He spoke, the nurse more than happily taking his orange trainer card, looking at its details, and entering some things into a computer, before another card popped out of a slit in the side of a machine. Pulling the card loose from the machine, she handed it to Leo, the boy smiling as he looked at it, picking it up.
"Please fit your card to the space provided on the screen, with the back facing the screen," The nurse told, and Leo did as told, pressing the back of the card against the screen, before it changed, the nurse instructing him to remove the card and enter some extra information.
Thanking the nurse for her help, Leo returned to his seat, excited to really become a contest coordinator, and he was in luck, there was a contest starting in Oreburg, the next town over, in a few days according to the schedule book that his mother had given him.
"Well, let's head onward! To Oreburgh for my first gym badge!" Piper squeaked, marching out of the pokemon center. Cordelia waved goodbye, she had helped the kids all she could, and she had some of her own work to tend to.


Piper ran out of the city, through the route gate, and onto the route itself. Upon entering the route, the girl spotted a group of black birds, and decided she would catch her very first pokemon! Waiting for an opening, she crept around a corner, Turtwig right next to her, watching the cute bird pokemon. Doing a quick pokedex check, she looked them up.
"Starly, the Starling Pokemon. While weak individually, if you ever catch a group of Starly, you should proceed with caution, as they can be extremely dangerous when working together," The dex spoke, closing after its explanation.
Watching the Starly begin to spread their wings, Piper waited... And then sent Turtwig to attack one with a Tackle! The little turtle pokemon slammed into a Starly, knocking it to the ground, and, while it was caught off guard, Piper threw a pokeball at it, the little black bird going inside of the device, the ball closing, and it began to shake.
One shake.
Two shakes.
Three shakes.
Right as Piper's faced gained a grin, the ball exploded, the Starly having escaped.
"Turtwig, use Tackle again!" Turtwig obeyed, launching itself towards the Starly, but missing, the bird pokemon having outsped it. After dodging Turtwig's attack, Starly made a U-turn and hammered its beak into Turtwig, which made it yell out.
"Turtwig, use growl!" Turtwig opened its jaw wide, and screeched, making Starly, who was going in for another attack, decrease in speed drastically, and when landing its hit, did little damage. Turtwig took the opportunity to tackle the Starly once again, and landed the hit this time, Piper throwing a pokeball at it again.
One shake.
Two shakes.
Three shakes.
Piper smiled, running up to Turtwig and hugging him, and picking up the pokeball, throwing it into the air, the black bird reappearing with a happy coo. Landing on Piper's head, and cleaning its wing, Leo and Amalia happy for Piper's new catch.