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New Horizons: Chpt. 2

by LunarMxgic

LunarMxgic As Leo, Piper, and Amalia begin their travels, they run into the mysterious Cordelia, who assists them in many aspects on their way to Oreburgh City, but are quickly halted by a shady group while on their way through Jubilife. #summercamp15
Leo stood up, Chimchar on his shoulder, confused. He had expected much more time with the professor before he was dismissed with the two friends he had had since he was about eight years old. He looked over to the two girls, who were petting and playing around with their pokemon; getting to know them. He patted Chimchar on the head, which he got a very positive response from, as his partner pushed his head up into the boy's hand.
"We'd best get going," Amalia spoke as she handed Piplup a berry from a small cooler she kept in her bag, which the pokemon gladly accepted, biting right into the juicy flesh of the fruit with its short round beak. Amalia smiled at her new friend picking her up as she snacked on its berry. "The first town we should be heading to is Jubilife City--it's a good place for most trainers to start, as it's full of lots of different facilities where trainers of all kinds can get to know about different types of pokemon usage," She explained, reading from her electronic map, closing it up with a snap.
Piper stood up excitedly, as she did with most aspect of her life. Turtig hopped off her lap as she did, the little turtle landing right next to it's trainer.
"I'm really excited to register for the Pokemon League! Getting to battle with all the little cutsies my my side will be a great experience!" The preppy girl squealed, Turtwig calling out in agreeing. She turned around, and began to skip towards the girl, her two friends following suit as she left through the automated glass doors of the lab, taking their first steps into the journey around the Sinnoh region.
As Amalia walked out of the lab, she opened her map once again, typing some things into the screen, and waiting a moment before speaking.
"We have to travel up Route 202 to get to Jubilife," The girl explained. "Which is just up at the North Eastern exit." She spoke, closing the map once again as the three continued their walking--for Leo, however, bike riding--through Sandgem Town.


As the three approached the Route Gate after a good thirty minutes of travel through Sandgem, they all sighed, relieved that they didn't have to go all too far to reach Route 202. As they began to enter, Leo was stopped by a woman who was working the gate's informational desk. She told him that bikes were not allowed on Route 202 due to small bug pokemon. So, the boy hopped off of his bike, and used the folding mechanism on it, placing it into his bag, and continuing on with the two girls who were waiting towards the end of the gate.
As they stepped out onto the fresh grass of the route, they all felt exhilarated. Being on a pokemon journey, together, excited them all. They were all so excited to meet new pokemon, face new challenges, and learn so many things that books couldn't tell them. Again, they took more steps forward, onto the route, which was bustling with pokemon of all sorts, be it swinging from trees, flying through the air, or running across the ground.
Piper was the first to run off, briskly going through the tree-covered route, before quickly being stopped in her tracks by a large form, bouncing right off of it and falling on her behind.
"Owieeeeeee..." The girl groaned, rubbing her back as she turned her gaze towards what she had hit, before quickly regretting it, her eyes shrinking as she backed up into a tree. She whimpered as the figure approached her, clearly angry. She looked to it's arm, which was reaching behind itself, and pulled out what she believed to be a pokeball. Fumbling through her purse, she eventually managed to find her tiny disengaged pokeball, not too soon before dropped it before she could turn it on; the device having been knocked out of her hands by the creature before her. She heard it yell, it's pokeball popping open, revealing a small grey and black pokemon with big ears with yellow spots, and a tail with a star on the end.
"P-Please don't hurt me!" She whimpered, reaching for her pokeball, but ultimately failing, as it was too far away for her to reach from where she was cornered. As she covered her face in fear, she heard a small explosion-like sound. When she looked up from her hands, and around the area, she saw the small pokemon had been hammered against a tree. The brute who was attacking her looked to the left, as did Piper, only to see a woman with long brown hair, and a black and purple dress standing, a goofy looking purple pokemon standing next to her with its tongue sticking out.
Piper stared in amazement. As strange as the pokemon looked, it also looked powerful in its own right.The woman yelled a few things at the boy that made him run off that Piper was too dazed to make out as she scrambled through her bag once more to pull out her pokedex. When she finally found the pink and white device, she pushed a button, and the top slid upwards, revealing a screen. She pointed it at the woman's pokemon, and the pokedex began to speak.
"Gengar; the Shadow Pokemon, the evolved form of Haunter, and the final evolved form of Gastly. It can absorb any surrounding heat, leaving a sudden chill in the area," She blinked, putting the dex away and getting up, walking towards the woman, who smiled softly at her approach. As she walked up to the mysterious helper, Amalia and Leo rounded the corner, sighing when they saw that everything was alright.
"Thank you for you and Gengar's help, miss--" She began to spoke, being quickly cut off by the woman.
"Cordelia," She spoke with a motherly tone. Piper nodded at the sound of her name, and watched in curiosity as Gengar walked off, picking something up off of the ground, and handing it to Piper. It was Turtwig's pokeball! Letting the little turtle pokemon out of its ball, she bowed in appreciation, hugging Gengar and Turtwig.
"Might I ask what you're doing all the way down here with the experience that you have?" Amalia questioned, putting a hand on her hip. Cordelia sighed, seeming to be in though for a moment, before she smiled again.
"I'm here for the Global Trading Station; a place where you can exchange pokemon with others all around the world." She explained, continuing to walk down the route. After a bit more explanation about the GTS to the curious kids, she stopped.
"You see that?" She pointed at a young boy. All three of them nodded. "That's a pokemon trainer. It's a league rule that if you happen to cross paths with one and your pokeTeches go off and you don't engage in battle, then you will be deducted by a good deal of pokedollars," She explained. "However, only one of you has to beat him, as when a trainer is defeated--" She stopped, being inturrupted by Piper.
"What's a poketech?" She asked, causing Cordelia to freak out. Hurriedly, she rushed all three kids into Jubilife, and into a large building, where a man stood at a desk, typing something into a computer. As the four entered, he looked up, smiling at the sight of Cordelia.
"Oh Cordelia! What can I get for you?" He asked.
"Actually, these three trainers haven't received pokeTeches yet. They were supposed to have gotten them from the Professor... I wonder why they didn't," The woman wondered, crossing her arms and looking up at the roof.
The man nodded, typing a few things into the computer and reading some things before opening his mouth to speak once more.
"Actually, the Professor had ordered three watches, but we had been having some issues at the time. It was our Luxray, he had... Gotten a Joltik," The man explained almost dully.
Cordelia nodded her head very briefly.
"Well do you have any right now?" She asked. The man at the desk immediately pulled three pokeTech boxes from under his desk. Putting up a sign that read "All trainers must present their pokedex to desk clerk in order to qualify for a free pokeTech," And smiled, folding his hands as all three kids dug through their bags and showed the desk man their pokedexes, and he slid the boxes over to them, still smiling.
Each kid opened their box, pulling out and strapping on the watches.
"You'll need to sync your watch to your--" An explosion was heard outside. All five of them rushed to see what it was, and boy did they see something. A giant legged sphere stood in the middle of the city, a drill revealing itself from the bottom of it. It began to spin, and make its way underground. Then, people came from the skies riding flying type pokemon, grabbing each citizen they could find and patting them down. Out of instinct, Cordelia threw out all six of her pokemon; Sylveon, Gengar, Gothitelle, Trevenant, Azumarill, and Delphox.
"All of you, attack them!" She commanded, and her pokemon sprang into action.
Wanting to pitch in, Piper, Amalia, and Leo all sent out their pokemon, who began to charge the strange people and their pokemon.
All three kids, however, watched in awe as Cordelia's pokemon pulled off incredible feats of attacking, wanting to someday be just as strong as her.