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New Horizons: Chpt. 1

by LunarMxgic

LunarMxgic Leo, Amalia, and Piper are all just starting out on their pokemon journey through Sinnoh! With their starter pokemon equipped, they begin to travel. #summercamp15
Rays of sunlight slowly broke through the window of young Leo Andrews' bedroom. As the trickles of light reached his face, he cringed, turning over in his bed and throwing his comforter over his head. He hated to be woken up so early in the morning, especially on weekends. As he was just getting comfortable again, he heard someone stomping up the stairs. Hearing this, he groaned, burying himself deeper into his covers.
As the person reached his room, they tore the sheets off of Leo. As the young male looked up to see who had been disturbing his rest, he had noticed that it was none other than his older sister's Hariyama. Scared half to death by what his sister would tell her pokemon to do next, he jumped out of bed, greeting Hariyama with false optimism. Haiyama nodded in rather drab acknowledgement, waddling back down the stairs to go back to his usual morning kitchen work. Leo walked downstairs, spotting his backpack, stuffed, on the table. He questioning it for a split second before realizing why it was there--he would start his journey today!
Rushing back up the stairs, he ripped off his PJs, and slipped on his red and white raglyn shirt, white jeans, red toms, and read beanie, quickly running a brush though his hair, before hopping right back down the stairs, the blonde boy beyond excited. His mother rolled her eyes at her son's delayed reaction, flipping pancakes over the stove. Leo grabbed two of the hot breakfast delecacies and practically inhaled them. He could hardly contain his excitement as he got through his everyday morning ritual, rushing to get ready to go to Professor Rowan's lab in Sandgem Town.
As he hurried to get to his bike which was parked outside, he grabbed his backpack, swinging it over his shoulder, and began to run, until his mother stopped him, grabbing his wrist and turning him around.
"Forgetting something?"
For a moment, Leo blinked, confused, then snapped to a conclusion.
"Oh, right... Bye mom," He hugged his mother, who naturally hugged him back, reminding him of several important trainer rules and strategies.
After a few eye rolls and slaps to the head, Leo left the house, closing the door behind him, and walking down his porch steps, rushing over to his bright yellow bike. He pulled it up from against the side of his house, and threw his leg over it, going over the directions to Sandgem one last time in his head.
He started quickly down the driveway, but then slowed down, looking back towards his house. Shaking the thoughts from his head, he turned his attention back to the road, and began to pedal once more, making his way towards Sandgem town and his first pokemon.

She heard footsteps coming up the hall, and tapped a few buttons on the screen she was looking at, the major feat of electronics vanishing into thin air, presumably into the metal stabilizer that sat right next to the screen.
"Professor--" The figure spoke, being quickly cut off.
"I've told you many times, Liette, to call me Dawn,"
"Right, D-Dawn... Anyways, they are all ready," The young lab assistant spoke, tapping a case in her arm. Dawn smiled; her collaboration with Professor Sycamore of Kalos was a complete and total success! They had successfully created what they had been working so hard on for a solid five years.
Right as the young professor was about to speak again, she was called upon by the lab's PA system.
"Professor, please report to the lobby. The three new trainers await," The woman on the loudspeakers spoke, causing Dawn to sigh. Work was all she had done during her time at the lab, she hadn't had a single chance to use her summer home on Lake Valor.
She signaled for Liette to get back to work as she exited the room she was in, pushing the down button on the elevator, stepping in as the unoccupied transportation device's twin doors slid open, allowing her access. She pressed the button marked "Lobby", and the box lowered her down to that first floor. The lab had expanded quite a bit since she was just one of Professor Rowan's interns.
As the doors opened, she stepped out, the clacking of her heels silencing the three children waiting not so quietly, all three rushing back to seat mounted against the wall of the lab. Looking down at her watch, she recorded the time in her head, shifting her gaze to her left, across the reception desk to look at a woman walking out with a cart bearing three pokemon-containing pokeballs, three pokedexes, and fifteen disengaged pokeballs.
Right on schedule... The woman thought, smiling as she approached the three new pokemon trainers. They all gazed up at her, confused. Clearly they didn't know that Professor Rowan had died five years ago--allowing Dawn to take over. It was understandable, however, as everyone at the lab was very discreet about the information, and immediately shooed any source of media reporters.
"Hello. I am Professor Dawn, a pleasure to meet you all!" The professor spoke cheekily. She grew nervous as the three children made no response, yelling in surprise as one of them responded rather unnecessarily, jumping up and yelling "HI!".
She was a girl with a blonde ponytail. She wore a ribbon smock top of a bright pink color, a felt hat with a white band that shared the pink color, and pale blue jeggings. Her shoes were plain white converse.
"I'm Piper!" She said, smiling happily. Dawn, who was leaning against a table, regained her posture, sighing.
"Very nice to meet you, Piper," The Professor spoke. That girl sure was a peppy one, so she wanted to get through the orientation as fast as possible. "I can only assume that you two are Amalia and Leo," She spoke, which caused the two remaining kids to nod in response.
Dawn made a mental note of their looks, and made her way over to the cart which held the trainer supplies, taking the handle from the lab aid, who left on Dawn's approach, and pushed the cart over to the kids. She took a moment to input their names into their pokedexes before setting the three devices down, looking at a slip of paper that was placed on the cart, which read as follows;

1. Introduce self.
2. Learn kids names.
3. Tell kids about starters.
4. Have kids pick starters.
5. Give kids pokedexes and pokeballs.
6. Give briefing on pokemon centers, pokedollars, and pokemarts.
7. See kids off.

Dawn looked back over to the kids, smiling lightly.
"Now that we know each other, let's get to know the pokemon you'll be travelling with!" She threw all three of the red and white spheres into the air, the devices popping open, causing the creatures to appear in a flash of blue light.
"Here we have Turtwig, the grass type pokemon. If you're looking for a bulky partner who can also deliver a plethora of strong attacks, he's your pick," She explained as she stood next to the green and brown turtle pokemon, who said its name happily, bouncing around.
"This monkey-like pokemon is called Chimchar, the fire type pokemon," She spoke, moving over to the orange fire monkey. "Chimchar is very fast, but cant take very many hits, but that doesn't matter, as its speed is its defense. It is also a very adept attacker," She explained to the kids as the little orange creature waved to them all.
"And last but certainly not least we have Piplup, the penguin pokemon, and also the water type," Dawn spoke as the little blue penguin said its own name much like Turtwig. "Piplup, unlike the other two, is a strong special attacker with a very high special defense stat," She explained. "It is also very commonly used in the team of a contest coordinator," She told, winking, indicating how she had used her own Piplup during her time as a contest coordinator.
She moved her head, allowing the kids to examine each pokemon, and make their selections. Immediately Piper hopped up, grabbing Turtwig and hugging it--almost into suffocation. It squirmed around in her arms before she let go of it, the little turtle catching his breath, then happily nuzzling his snout into Piper's cheek, as Dawn giggled, handing the girl Turtwig's pokeball.
Leo, who had taken the time to choose between a fire type and a water type, chose Chimchar, primarily for it's fire typing, which was very useful in contests. He would have selected Piplup, if not for it's overused status in the coordinator world. The monkey hopped up onto the blonde's shoulder, having gotten it's own pokeball from the cart.
Amalia was relieved when she found that Piplup was the only one left. She had wanted it from the start--she was especially fond of water types, she had lots of research on them, and was tempted to start writing a book on them, despite her age. She picked up the little penguin pokemon, hugging it lightly.
"Hi, I'm Amalia," The girl spoke, moving a loose strand of black hair out of her face. Piplup waved its little fin hello, and she cooed in admiration, hugging it again.
"Alright, everyone, here are your pokedexes and five extra pokeballs for catching pokemon with," She handed the children their supplies.
"Now, before you go, I msut quickly explain pokemon centers and pokemarts, as well as the currency they run on!"


Leo and and Piper were fast asleep from pure boredom, but Amalia was taking notes.
"And that about sums it up!" Dawn said, waking the sleeping kids up. "Well, I suppose this is it! Good luck on your journey!" She spoke waving goodbye to them. "Sorry for the brief goodbye, but I have lots of work to catch up on! See you soon!" She exited the room.