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Chosen One Manga

by Kim_Rose_Elf

IMG_20140830_103021.jpg IMG_20140915_201411.jpg IMG_20141011_073955.jpg IMG_20141011_073929.jpg IMG_20141130_085437.jpg IMG_20141106_164920.jpg IMG_20141106_164934.jpg IMG_20141106_164838.jpg IMG_20141106_165028.jpg IMG_20141106_165041.jpg IMG_20141011_075403.jpg IMG_20141011_075543.jpg IMG_20141011_075500.jpg IMG_20141011_075445.jpg IMG_20141011_075328.jpg
Kim_Rose_Elf Chosen One full artwork. I drew it. Blue hair name May? Her sister with long black hair name niki? Red hair hero name RYA a prince. Arisa with brown hair young lady. She is one of the hero. Surprise!!! I hope you all like it...:blush::D:love:
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