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Nate's adventures: Choosing a starter

by Undynethe??????

Undynethe?????? This is a story of my OCs And The story is in Nate Smyth's view (ONE OF MY OCS)The characters are Natalee Smyth,Cami Edens, Nation Edens,and Nate Smyth
I'd wake up to the sound of my alarm clock and suddenly jump off my bed and yell "I CANT BELIEVE ITS FINALLY THE DAY TO GET MY FIRST POKEMON!" My Twin sister Natalee Smyth opened my door and said "Come on lets go to the lab" . "Nation and Cami are already there so come on" she'd say and I would sprint out of my room and be at the lab in a flash. I'd slowly open the door to see Cami and Nation waiting beside the door. "Hey Nate!" Cami would say excitedly right after seeing me. I'd see Nation waiting on the other side hiding his face with his hat "hey Nation cheer up" me and Cami would both say. "Lets get our starters you three" Natalee would say while tapping on my shoulder. "HEY DONT SCARE ME LIKE THAT NATALEE!" Nate exclaimed. "Say, you two are finally here" professor said. "I'm professor Cypress " she would say as she threw out a rockruff. "Welcome to the world of pokemon" She'd say as throwing out a shiny snivy, a shiny tepig,and a shiny oshawott. I'd choose Snivy,Cami would choose oshawott,and nation would choose tepig.
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  1. Undynethe??????
    I just looked at this to see the name of the professor >_<
    Dec 19, 2016
  2. Undynethe??????
    Alright I edited it and fixed it so
    Nov 23, 2016
  3. Undynethe??????
    This is unfinished but I will edit it and fix it sometime
    Nov 21, 2016