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Shipwreck: Choose Me!

by Sylve Kipper

Sylve Kipper What was that monster, Who is he, What did he mean, What did I capture?
"Uhhhhhhh. HUH!" I said as I jerked up "Where the hell am I? Huh? What is that?". I reached over for a bag that was right by me. I opened it up and all that was in there was darkness except a couple of star like things. When I touched the stars I felt around and it felt weird like an animal I didn't know what so I zipped the bag up. I got up and brushed myself off and as I walked away I started hearing noises like muffled yelps. My bag opened up and a big nebula or portal like thing appeared and as I started running I heard something fall. I turned around to just see a big monster. The colors of blue, yellow, and black, claws and a big mouth with big sharp teeth. I ran for my life when I started being pulled back and realized he was inhaling. I kept running but it was no use and as I started to give up I just fell to the ground. I turned around to see a guy in a hood costume with a tall pokemon at his or her side. The monster started being sucked in itself back into the portal. As I got up the guy grabbed me and wouldn't let go. "HELP! Let me go you ass!" I kept yelling at him but no one came and he didn't even look up at me he even brought me through a cave before he stopped in the middle of the street. He dropped me on the ground and said this "I know you won't run away you're lost on this tiny island the only way out is following me." so I listened and followed him. When we got into the building this woman in a tanktop and weird hair thing ran over to us. She hugged me and asked my name. I stuttered and realized I didn't remember my name only my initials. "I don't remember my name only my initials which are SS." she then told me " Well all I know about you is that you were on that cruise around Unova which was called the S.S. Anne so why don't we call you Anne?". Wow! This woman barely knew me but she still helped me. "She was attacked by UBS 05 Gluttony." the man said to her. "Hm so she was attracted by an Ultra Beast." she said to herself. I wanted to tell her about the bag "Well this bag.......". She tightly grabbed my arm and started walking to a table. "Here!" she said as she flung me at the table. There were five pokeballs on the table and I asked what she wanted me to do. "Which one you grab is part one of the test I have for you." she told me. The first ball was covered in hearts and flowers, the second one was beaten up like it was almost as small as a grape, the third was severely burnt, the fourth was dark, and the other one was just made of iron. I looked down and saw a burn on my arm so I looked up and grabbed the burnt pokeball. She gasped and immediately grabbed my arm and flung me at another ball with 2 balls this time the burnt ball and the beaten ball. I looked down again and saw a cut on my pants where it would cover a scar so I looked up to the balls and grabbed the beaten ball. She gasped again and brought me to a table with the original five balls. "Choose again" she said as she grabbed the burnt and beaten ball. I looked back and forth at my choices and fell to the ground as I passed out. I woke back up in darkness only hearing the words choose me choose me choose me. I knelt down and started sobbing yelling at the darkness. When I looked up it was lighter, light enough for me to see a shadow coming closer towards me. I started yelling at it as everything started blurring away under my tears as I tried to punch it, but after one punch I couldn't move my hand and once I looked up the shadow was right in front of me so I started kicking but that was a mistake because he just knocked me down by kicking the other leg. I started screaming and he yelled "GO TO HELL YOU UNDESERVING BASTARD YOU CHOSE WRONG YOU'VE CORRUPTED THIS WORLD'S FUTURE JUST LIKE YOURS! YOU'VE RUINED MY LIFE!" he said as he stabbed me in the heart with a knife. I fell to the ground but as I hit the ground I jerked up. I got up and looked in my hand. I chose wrong I said to myself as I saw the dark ball in my hand. I chucked it at the wall and it broke into pieces but the same portal opened and the same monster but more came out two looked like bugs, one was a rocket, the other was a katana, the other was a jellyfish, and the other looked like a Christmas tree. I started running out as I felt something banging on my leg. I looked down to see a pokeball attached to my shirt so I grabbed it and threw it. Out came a little beast that I didn't understand what it was which it rolled another pokeball towards me. I grabbed it and chucked it at the jellyfish one which didn't even fight back. It shook three time ands and dinged. I ran and grabbed it and retrieved my beast and ran out as the other monsters destroyed the building. I realized I just caught one of them as I got into this hotel. I remembered the dream and pulled up my shirt which in the exact area he stabbed me was a giant scar. I booked a room and when he realized I was a pokemon trainer that was really tired and injured he said it was free. Sadly I still didn't realize what the man meant by the world going corrupt. Well that's enough for tonight that whole update was like 3 pages plus that other one which was 2 pages. Goodnight to whoever is reading this in the future have a good life and I hope you aren't corrupt yet.