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Chimchar the thief


XZEETRON In a world of pokemon. A rogue Chimchar comes to a park and steals food and sutff from people and pokemon.
A boy named Tron tries to capture this rogue chimchar.
Once upon a time...

A boy named Tron just got his first pokemon. Tron was walking in the park when a man started handing out flyers of a rogue chimchar. "Whats that?" Said Tron.

"Its a flyer." He said.
Tron took a flyer and he walked away. He set down his mats and sent out his new pokemon,Turtwig. "Hey Turtwig want food?" Said Tron. Turtwig nodded his head.
Tron tossed it up in the air and then a chimchar swiped before Turtwig can get it.
"CHIMCHAR!" Tron yelled.

"Turtwig tackle!" Tron yelled.
Turtwig came and tackle the chimchar.
Chimchar ran and ran until Tron and Turtwig lost him.
"Ill get you some day." Tron said.

They started eating in peace now.
Chimchar came up to them and took their whole basket and
"Turtwig use tackle." Yelled Tron
Turtwig charged at chimchar and knocked him out."
Tron threw a Pokeball and captured chimchar.

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