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Childhood dream

by Mochat

suicune and ab trans.png
Mochat Even more old art. I'm on a roll, but whether or not me posting a bunch of my bad art is detrimental to anyone who lays their eyes on it is up for debate.
Suicune was always one of my favorite legendaries. Playing Soul Silver as a kid really hammered into my mind that I was ~special~ and that Suicune liked me and...you get the rest lmao. Still though, Suicune holds a special place in my heart. Entei too, mostly thanks to the movie. Raikou though...I still have some issues with uhh...that thing.
Suicune would be great to have though, since I can't swim but I love the ocean lolol.
  1. Darkenstein
    Wow you have talent
    Nov 14, 2016
  2. Cloudswift
    Johto! I have such an obsession...
    Nov 13, 2016