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Cheating Alpha

by Absol_Chiliarch

Absol_Chiliarch Parody of Yu-Gi-Oh, based on a scene in RWBY (I'm such a geek XD) where the protagonists we're basically playing Conquest and Yu-Gi-Oh (in some weird form).

I don't know why I kept laughing while drawing Arceus. I was bored (once again, no surprise), so I just got this idea this morning.
Along with this (confusing, questionable, joke of a) comic, I also came up with other game jokes (like how my life is :D Sarcasm at its finest).

Now, something random.
The characters in the comic are Zilch (Blitzle), Xavier (Riolu), and Era (Ralts). I plan to make a PMD comic of them.

So yeah, erm... Later.


P.S. I seriously have no idea what I am doing.