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by What Did You Do To Snoke?

What Did You Do To Snoke? Chase Orwell is a budding young Unovan man with an extreme amount of potential. He is picked out by Professor Juniper and her assistant, Bianca. He, along with two others, begin their journey. But it is not all that it seems.
Chase Orwell breathed heavily. Today was the day that he would recieve his partner Pokemon, which would allow him to challenge the gyms around Unova. He had journeyed all the way from his home in Lacunosa Town and seen the sights on adventures previously, so he knew all the different towns that he had to go through to find the gyms. There were quite a surplus of gyms, he thought. But now he was finally here, he was intrigued as to what it was actually like. He had heard the tales of the three trainers who came from here and as soon as the route 1 wind blew past him he saw the three houses. He wanted to touch them and to go inside, but he knew that this would appear wierd and would not be allowed. He saw Juniper's lab, shivering with excitement. Suddenly two people of his age burst out of the lab and froze as they saw him. One was a ginger-haired young man and the other was a blonde haired young woman.

"You're late!" The ginger-haired man shouted. "You were suppossed to get your starter half an hour ago!"

"Where are you from?" The woman asked.

This was a bit too much for Chase to take in. "I'm from Lacunosa town. Not that it matters."

"Lacunosa town? That's extremely far away! How did you get here?"

"I walked...i mean...went on a journey..."

"You shouldn't have made the journey here." The ginger-haired man dropped his eyebrows. "You could have just taken the plane you know. It stops at Mistralton city and Lentimas Town, but after that, it's a free ride."

"How do you know that?"

"I myself am from Lentimas Town." The ginger-haired know-it all replied. "I took the plane. Fast trip. What is your name?"

"I'm Chase Orwell."

"Name's Edward, Edward Jown."

"Ellie Walker's the name." She smiled at him. "You're going to be a difficult one."

"We've got our starters." Edward said to Chase. "I chose Tepig and Ellie chose Snivy. That leaves you with Oshawott."

"Aw..." Chase sighed. "I don't even get a choice. I mean, I like Oshawott, it's a cool pokemon...but..."

"Tepig's the best." Edward stated. "My research suggests so. Although I lived in Lentimas Town, I originally came from Castelia City. My family were owners of a big research family themselves...so I was brought up with all the facts. I was already given a pokedex before I got here."

"The Pokedex is so interesting." Ellie said, taking a look at the device. "Those who don't have one already get given one and are taught the basics, how to catch a pokemon, yadayadayada..."

"We've done both of those things." Edward boasted.

"Oh boy...looks like I've got a lot to catch up on!" Chase laughed. He had to laugh with them in order to avoid looking like an idiot, which he already did. He looked at both of them. The two of them were so posh, in rich clothing, Edward wearing red and green jumpers and a small suit, Ellie wearing some kind of yellow and white dress. What had Chase done wrong? He wasn't told he needed to dress up for this kind of occasion.

Chase quickly entered the door of Juniper's lab as the two friends just wandered off together. There, he was greeted by two friendly women. One was fairly old and was wearing a white lab coat: Chase guessed this was Juniper. The other was wearing some kind of Kalosian green beret: Bianca.

"You're late." Bianca said to Chase. "What took you."

"It looks like I didn't plan ahead and book plane tickets. I went all the way from Lacunosa Town to here."

"Nice to see you, Chase. Take this Pokedex. It will record the information about Pokemon. Remember what our agreement said? You'd collect data for me and then i'd give you your Pokemon." Juniper said, smiling.

"Yes, and i'll do all I can. Now where's my Oshawott."

"Over here." Juniper led Chase to a corner of the lab. Chase was about to open the poke ball when there was a huge explosion. The walls of the lab broke to the sides as a rain of bricks came down. Bianca and Juniper went flying as Chase was left to survive the explosion.

Chase awoke. What had happened? He looked around. The box with the poke ball was on the floor. The floor around him in question was rubble: just a foundation of bricks and bricks scattered everywhere. There were dead scientists on the ground. Juniper's burnt mutated body was on the floor. The weakened Bianca ran as fast as she could to her mentor, her guide. She checked her pulse. She let off a high pitched cry as she realised Juniper was not well. She looked around. All there was was Chase and a flying ship in the sky. The ship lowered itself. Out stepped a man, as tall as could be. Standing at a whopping 6 foot 7 with massive hands and feet, he was a giant and someone to be feared. He wore a terrible metallic armour that covered his arms, legs and body and it looked like the metal dug into his skin. His face was horrible: a burnt messed up think with a rectangular piece of metal covering his face. Pieces of metal stuck out of his back and ran through his hands up through where the bones and veins travelled. He took two big stomps out of the flying ship as the metal rectangles opened and sharp curved teeth could be seen. Bianca stared at him, as did Chase.

"Juniper! The time has come for you to pay. I said to you years ago that I would come back for you. Now, I reek for your destruction! The deal was not followed on your half, you failed!" As he shouted, he allowed his bloodshot eyes to fall onto Chase. Then he gazed back at the half-dead Juniper. "What do you have to say for yourself?"

"She's unconscious!!" Bianca shouted, tears streaming from her eyes. "She cannot hear you! You've probably killed her."

The cannons on the flying ship opened up and fired the same cannonballs which had destroyed the lab. Bianca and Chase ran to avoid the canonballs. The man raised his hand up and the canonfire stopped.

"You are...her assistant?"

"Yes. Get away from here! I don't know what you want...but...don't come near me!"

"Did Juniper not tell you what I wanted, girl?"


"I want ALL your research." He said marching up to her.

"We, you've gone and destroyed that haven't you?"

"No!!!" The man roared. He picked up the bricks on the foundation and tossed them. Below, were pieces of paper and he took every last one of them. Bianca looked shocked. "Juniper doesn't leave her research out on show...she hides it...the important research is what we require." He looked at the final starter Pokemon, Oshawott, in it's poke ball in a glass container on the ground. Somehow, it had managed to survive the blasts. He opened the container and took the Pokemon.

"Hey! That was going to be my-"

"You messed with the wrong person." The man said coldly to Chase. "I will be your biggest nightmare, your greatest fear. I will destroy all who stand in my way!"

"Who are you?" Chase asked.

The man laughed. "I am the Devastator." He marched onto his flying ship. "You have been warned."

Bianca immediately called the authorities to tell them what happened. The began investigating. Juniper's body was carried to a stretcher as another man looked over and he was crying. It was Cedric Juniper.

"Looks like we're going to have to relocate." Bianca said to Chase. "I'm really sorry. Juniper didn't tell me that was going to happen! For safety, we must go now."
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