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Flash Challenges: 'Charms Challenge: Memories! (Part 2)

by Bulba the Curious

Bulba the Curious #flashchallenge My Short Story: Bulba in Hoenn
'Charms Challenge: Memories!

Bulba in Hoenn (Part 2): A Short Story

In order to find his sister, Bulba had to find out where she went. He tried as hard as he could to remember...

She had ran away from him, in the opposite direction of the town that he had called home, in the direction of Kanto. That is where he would find her.

In fact, Bulba's sister, Ivy, was in Kanto! Determined to find her way back home someday, she had explored far and wide across the region, hoping to find somebody who could take her to Johto. And today was the day. Who had she found? Well...

A kind scientist, who was also the Gym Leader of Viridian city had stumpled upon her one day. He had adopted her as his own pokemon, though he was a Normal Type trainer. In order to study what differentiated between Kanto and Johto pokemon, he would be traveling to Johto in a few days.

Today, Ivy would finally make it back home. She had fond memories of having fun with her family, especially her brother...

With Father Slowbro on one side and Mother Venusaur on the other, Ivy looked down at her newly hatched brother. That day, she vowed to stay with him for as long as they lived. But that vow had been broken.

The scientist climbed into a jeep's passenger's seat with Ivy in tow, and together, they rode to Johto.

Meanwhile, Bulba had realized that he would need to sail to get to Kanto. So, in hopes of finding a dock of some sort, he traveled north, through the forests. He traveled across open plains and rocky plateaus. He traveled through the thick jungle of northern Hoenn, finally arriving in a town called Fortree.
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