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Charlotte Special

by imnotsobeautiful

imnotsobeautiful Anime: Charlotte, main character Haruka Kasume. Read to understand her fate.
Name: Kasume Haruka (2nd year)

Age: 16 years old

Appearance: Unknown

Special ability: Mind Reading that leaks out, Telekinesis and Hypnosis

Kasume Haruka’s POV

Ever since I had recognized that I possessed such an ability, people have been afraid of me. I wish people could see passed it and many people don’t recognize it. I’ve on the road for a while and I can’t be on the road for much longer. I was sitting in an alley way when I was approached by a gang that was well-known around Japan, Yakuza. I turned and saw several of the gang members had guns and pistols in their hands.

???: You’re one of those freaks aren’t you, young lady?

Me: Leave me alone, I haven’t done anything wrong.

???: Come on, I say we take turns with her. She’s going to be a fiesty one, huh boss?

???: He’s right. Chuck, Leroy, grab her and hold her down.

???: Okay sir. *They grab me and I struggle to get out of their grasp but I couldn’t do anything but struggle, they push me to the ground and try to pry open my legs, as they did that, one of the men punched me to make me shut up*

Me: Please leave me alone!! *I used telekinesis to grab their guns and point them towards them, it was a scare for all of them to see this* Now please just go away, I don’t wanna hurt anybody! *I drop the guns and pistols and started running through the city of Tokyo*

I didn’t dare look back to them, I wish that I didn’t have to use my stupid abilities. I’m so strange and I wish there were people that connect to what I am feeling at this point. I’m darting through street traffic and lights and I managed to escape to a small dormitory building. There was an academy, it was a very large academy, nothing that I had ever seen…there was a name on side of the gate, Hoshinoumi Academy. Having three abilities is too much to bare and it creates a battle in my mind about containing any sort of sanity.

Me: I-I’m losing energy…I…I……

I manage to land in a pile of trash bags and I was off…

At the Hoshinoumi Academy

Tomori: How slow do you guys eat?

Takajo: You always call us when we’re having lunch.

Yuu: Anyways, is he showing up today?

Tomori: Yep.

Yusa: We’re going to find another abiltity wielder! Yay!

Kumagami walks out, drenched in water as always and walks over to the map and a single droplet of water falls down towards the map.

Kumagami: The Abilities- Mind reading, Telekinesis and Hypnosis

After that, he leaves from the room and is never questioned about his abilities.

Tomori: Three abilities…

Takajo: An ability wielder with three freaking abilities…that is something. How does someone manage to contain themselves like that?

Yuu: Wow. Must be a world of hurt for them.

Tomori: Well let’s get a move on. They’re close, really close. They seem to be in an abandoned alleyway or possibly a building.

Misa: I say we go see ‘em…before they use their abilities on us.

Yuu: When the hell did you get here?

Misa: Shut up!

Tomori: Hush. We need Kurobane out right now.

Misa: Fine……I’ll leave but you owe me.

With their cam cord in hand, they began their search for the mysterious ability wielder. Yuu and Nao had their agruments while the dork of Takajo was fanboying about Misa. But Misa notices something moving around the corner of a alley.

Yusa: Guys, there’s something over here.

Tomori: Let’s go.

They started to walk slower and they saw me, Kasume Haruka, laying in a pile of trash bags, down for the count.

Misa: Ah! There’s a girl in the trash bags!

Yuu: Shut up! She might wake up.

Tomori: How does someone like her manage to control three abilities? She must be on the run and she’s injured, she was in a fight recently. She needs medical attention. We need to take her to the academy’s infirmary. Otosaka, you can carry her to the Academy.

Yuu: Fine. But she has these special abilities, that’s scary for a girl like her.

Takajo: That was an easy mission for once.

Tomori: Not so fast. We need her to understand that she is not the only one that has these abilities and we have to convince her to transfer here.

Misa: Seems easy. Okay let’s go.

They get back to the academy and I is admitted into the infirmary, the gang was visting me when they had the chance but I was still unconscious. Tomori checks in with the nurse and she notices a twitch in the body of Kasume Haruka.

In the Hoshinoumi Academy’s infirmary

Tomori: Well, the nurse says that she might start waking up in a couple of hours. But other than that, she has a black eye and her clothes were going to be torn off before she was fighting for her life. She was almost sexually assaulted by the group that hurt her.

Takajo: What this girl must have gone through to get here. The abandonment of her parents, on the run for having abilities that are unique, it scares a lot of people when that’s in mind.

Tomori: Yeah, that’s scary for someone that’s our age. We have to reach this with a delicant manner.

Yuu: Hey Tomori.

Tomori: Yeah?

Yuu: I think she’s starting to wake up.

*I slowly start to wake up and I open my eyes and observe the surroundings and the people as well. I look for my bag and my other things that I was carrying with me*

Me: Where am I-ow!

Tomori: Easy there. You’re at Hoshinoumi Academy’s infirmary. We brought you here after we found you laying a pile of trash bags.

Me: I’m sorry for being such a bother.

*My ability of mind reading was activated at this point and I accidentally read the tall boy with red eyes*

Yuu’s inner thoughts: She sounds like me when I started to get my ability. She isn’t that much of a bother.

Tomori: Otosaka, we get that you can relate to her but now isn’t the time.

Yuu: I didn’t say anything.

Yusa: I heard what Yuu said.

Yuu: But I didn’t say anything.

*Now I read the boy with glasses and I started laughing*

Takajo’s inner thoughts: I would love to see Kurobane use another spell!

Tomori: Turn off!

Takajo: What! I didn’t say anything.

Yuu: I get that you’re a dork but you need to stop that.

Tomori: I have a theory, her ability is mind reading, but its very different. It seems that when her ability is active, the person’s thoughts are leaked to the people standing in the same facility as the ability wielder.

Me: You’re right. And with that ability, it breaks up relationships. The negative side of this ability.

Tomori: I’m Nao-

Me: Nao Tomori, leader of the student council here. I know who you are. Red eyes is Otosaka Yuu. Glasses is Jojiro Takajo and that idol over there is the famous Yusa Kurobane.

Yuu: Wow. The advantage of the mind reading ability.

Me: Were you guys looking for me?

Tomori: Yes actually. We seek other ability wielders and want them to join the academy.

Me: What’s in it for me?

Yuu: You get a free education, you learn how to control all three of your abilities for good and you’ll be in a dorm like the rest of us.

Me: That seems fair but there’s a catch isn’t there?

Tomori: Yeah. You’re going to be training with us and starting now, you will be apart of the student council.

Me: And you also want me to withdraw the other abilities I possess…

Tomori: That also. You possess abilities that people like scientists want, they capture ability wielders to experiement on them like guinea pigs. And this academy is was built to save the thousands of ability wielders.

Me: I’ll transfer.

Yusa: Yay! How exciting.

Me: You’re a lot cuter in person.

Yusa: Aww, thank you.

Tomori: I’m going to let Otosaka show you around which means that you’re both excused from classes today.

Me: So I start tomorrow morning?

Tomori: Yes and when Otosaka is done showing you around, he will show you to your dorm. If that’s alright with you?

Me: Nah, its fine. When am I going to get discharged?

Tomori: Any minute. Well, we’ll see you two later. I never got your name.

Me: Kasume Haruka. Its a pleasure to meet you all.

Misa: I kinda like this girl’s style.

Me: This is Misa Kurobena the older sister…Yusa’’s ability is allowing someone that have deceased take over her body and someone like her sister. And Misa’s ability is fire.

Misa: Wow, I’m impressed. You’re the only one I like out of this group of morons.

Yuu, Takajo, and Tomori: Hey!!

*Misa leaves and Yusa returns*

Yusa: Did I fall asleep again?

Me: Does she not know?

Tomori: Its best that we keep it on the down low. We’ll head back to the student council. Otosaka, you better watch her.

Yuu: Yeah yeah. I’ll see guys later.

They all leave except for Yuu-chan. He seemed very strange from the get go. He had this attitude, and he had some stuff to deal with himself. He just stayed there and looked at me, with his beady red eyes. It was kinda creepy.

Me: Why are you looking at me in that manner?

Yuu: What’s to say? You seem like a nice girl but you have three abilities stored in you, you need to learn how to balance them.

Me: That’s strange coming from someone who can steal abilities by plundering them.

Yuu: That’s uncalled for. You’re lucky I haven’t taken any of your abilities. I bet you enjoy reading people’s minds, using telekinesis and hyponsis?

Me: You know nothing about me, I come from an abusive family, my mom, a workaholic and my father, an alcholic. My mother was never there when my father was abusing me, forcing me to do unspeakable things, nothing sexual, I’m grateful that I left before something like that could have started. I’m an only child which means that I am burdened with the all the daily chores of the house and doing all of the applications for high schools or private academies. I wish I could have done better as a daughter to both my father and my mother. My mother is still looking for me but she’ll have to give up at some point, right? The night I had left my family, I used my mind reading ability on my father and he said such horrible things about me and I just……I snapped. I don’t know what happened but I snapped. I went off on him and I used telekinesis and I…………I snapped his arms in half and both of his legs. He’s-he’s lucky I was able to let him live.

*At this point, I am starting to cry and Yuu-chan was scared*

Yuu: Hey Haruka-

Me: I could have killed him with these stupid abilities that I have!

*Yuu-chan got up from where he was sitting and he grabbed my hands which at this point were covering my face*

Yuu: Calm down. Okay. How about we skip the tour and you can come to my dorm after school and we can continue there?

Me: Okay.

Yuu: You’re in the same room as me, Takajo, Tomori and Yusa. So, you’ll be fine, you just have to stay with the girls and then meet up with us later in the student council room.

Me: Yeah that seems fine. So, you’ll come pick me up when I’m being discharged?

Yuu: Yeah, you’ll be safe here. I promise you.

*I grab Yuu-chan’s uniform jacket and I hug him, he is shocked and I noticed this from his breathe. His body heat got hotter and he finally decided to hug me back*

Yuu: You’ll be fine.

Me: Okay. I’ll wait here. Bye Yuu-chan.

After Yuu-chan left, I was left with overloading sense of boredom and I started using my telekinesis, I moved things in the infirmary: paintings, hangers, uniforms, coats, labels. I was bored out of my freaking mind. Hyponsis is the only ability that I have failed to use, I know that I possess it but I haven’t found a way to active its dormant cells. I spent several hours in the dull infirmary, the nurses would often gossip about the teachers here which was strange. And it wasn’t until I saw Yuu-chan back, he seemed that he was in a good mood.

Me: You’re in a good mood.

Yuu: Yeah, I am. Have you been discharged?

Me: Yeah, I’ve been waiting for a good 10 minutes. Can w-we go now?

Yuu: Yeah. Let me take your bags.

Me: You d-don’t have to.

Yuu: Its fine. I do this a lot for my sister.

Me: You have a sister?

Yuu-chan: Yeah. She’ll be there when we get to my dorm.

Me: Okay, let’s go. I bet your dorm looks like nice.

Yuu: Yeah. You’ll like it.

As we start to exit the school, I look at my surroundings and I quickly wrap my arms around Yuu-chan’s arm. I was afraid that I might see the same group of men that had jumped me.

Yuu: Woah, what’s up?!

Me: I-I’m just scared. I don’t w-wanna get jump by those creeps. Is it alright that I-

Yuu: Yeah, its fine. I don’t live that far away. I should have let my sister know that we were going to have a guest before hand.

Me: I’m sorry.

Yuu: Don’t be. You just need to rest up. I’m warning you, my sister’s cooking isn’t the best when she uses the family’s secret ingredient.

Me: What’s your family’s secret-

Yuu: Pizza sauce…if the food is red, swallow it, don’t chew. Just make sure that she sees an empty plate.

*I started laughing, and I started to smile, I haven’t smiled like that in a long time. Yuu-chan was acting nice towards me and he was telling me more about his sister, she was probably in middle school*

Yuu: Her name is Ayumi.

Me: That’s a beautiful name. She must really love you as her older brother.

Yuu: People might say that I have a sister complex but I don’t care. I wouldn’t want to lose Ayumi.

We are going up a flight of stairs and I let go of Yuu-chan’s arm so he could open the door and he let me in first. Once I had entered the dorm, it was kinda adorable and I see a small girl cooking in the kitchen. She seemed to be humming some sort of tune and Yuu had placed his bag and my bags on his couch.

Yuu: I’m home!

Ayumi: Big brother, you’re home!

She runs to him and hugs him, her small arms wrapping around him. Her smile seems to lighten up his world and he hugs her back. She opened her eyes, her eyes were a deep purple, and she looked back to see me by the door. She lets go of her brother and she runs to me.

Ayumi: Who is this Big brother?

Yuu: Well this is Haruka. She going to be sleeping here for the night and she just tranfered to my school.

Me: Hi. You’re very sweet. I hope you get that from a lot of people.

Ayumi: Oh of course I do. What happened to your face? Did someone hurt you?

Me: I’m fine Ayumi. Don’t worry about me.

Yuu: She was jumped by a group of bad people.

And after Yuu-chan said that, she bolted to me and she hugged me. I smile and she hugged me tighter, Yuu-chan looked at me and he motioned me to the kitchen.

Me: Ayumi, what do you say that you and I will talk more about this after we eat?

Ayumi: Yeah! Okay. That sounds great.

Ayumi ran to the kitchen and she made a spot for me to sit at and I sat down next to Yuu-chan and she was bringing us lunch. As Ayumi placed the dishes on the table, I turned directly to Yuu-chan. He had this upset look on his face. The food was red……red like pizza sauce.

Yuu: T-Thanks for the meal.

Ayumi: Thanks for the meal!

Me: Thanks for the meal.

Ayumi looked at Yuu-chan who was just staring at his plate. She was worried that he didn’t like what she had made them. She had this sadden look on her face and I immediately grabbed my spoon. I took one bite and all it really was, was pizza sauce…it was bad. I swallowed it and I continued to finish the dish.

Me: Its really good Ayumi. Yuu-chan you should totally try some.

Yuu-chan just looks at me and he gets where I’m coming from. He does the same.

Yuu: Its so good.

We sit there finishing our meals and I volunteered to wash the dishes. Yuu-chan just stood there by me and he would bring up small talk to get me distracted.

Yuu: You really do have beautiful eyes.

Me: Do you say that to every girl that you encounter? Because that isn’t really genuine.

Yuu: No. You’re the only peron that I’ve ever said that to. You’re very lucky to try and get a compliment from me.

I purposely use my ability and read his thoughts. Yuu-chan wasn’t a very open person like I was. He was more of a close book, or closed minded person. He had his own opinion on the world and about ability wielders. I asked him about when his ability started to show up. He said that he was going down the wrong road, taking over people’s body, trying to get the girl he like to be his and it seemed very selfish of him to do those types of things.

Me: So you used your ability for your own selfish need?

Yuu: Yeah, it wasn’t until Tomori had found me. She told me that there were others like me that had these abilities.

Me: I’m lucky to have met you after your selfish ways.

Yuu: Fine. I get it. I’m gonna order some sushi. Do you want some?

Me: That sounds good. You’re hungry aren’t you?

Yuu: Duh, that pizza sauce doesn’t fill my stomach. You want anything to drink?

Me: Some sugar-free soda. I can’t have too much sugar, it kinda affects my abilities.

Yuu: Okay. I’ll be back in 15 minutes. If you’re tired, you can take my room. I’ll sleep in the living room.

Me: Okay. Sure. Be back quickly.

Yuu-chan leaves the dorm and I’m stuck watching TV was Ayumi. I check my bags and I find what I had carried in there, a spare change of clothes, some shoes, little money and I noticed something off. There was something blinking off and on. I took it out of my bag and I didn’t have this in my bag when I had first packed it…my eyes were dialiated and I discovered that this was tracking device. Why would there be a tracking device in my bag? Was it my parents? Could it have been the gang that had jumped me earlier today? I didn’t know. I opened the door and I threw the device off the side of the balcony. And I made sure that I didn’t hurt anyone that was down there. I turned to go back inside and I saw someone standing around the corner. I got scared, bolted for the dorm and locked it. I didn’t know what to do.

Me: Ayumi. Do you have any blankets I could borrow?

Ayumi: Yeah they’re in big brother’s room.

I show her a smile, so I couldn’t show any sense of being frightened. I had to wait until Yuu-chan came back. I grab one of the blankets on his bed and I wrapped myself in it. It was fluffy, still warm, it was almost like a cloud. I could fall asleep in this blanket. So cosy and it had his scent. With the blanket wrapped around me, I walked into the kitchen and I started to make myself some coffee, tea would have been better but they were all out of tea. I could call Yuu-chan to get some more, but I didn’t want to be a bother to him. I kept glancing back and forth towards the door, waiting for Yuu-chan. The idea of that gang looking for me haunts me. It wasn’t until the door opened that I rapidly turned, it was Yuu-chan. I wanted to wait until Ayumi was asleep to tell him what I saw because I didn’t want her to have to hear. I just smiled and offered him some coffee. He smiled back, very uncommon of him to do.

Me: Yuu-chan. You don’t mind if I took one of your blankets do you?

Yuu: Nah, its fine.

My mind reading ability kicked in and Yuu-chan was thinking so many things, some school related some not. But there was one thing that stood out to me.

Yuu-chan’s thoughts: You really are an amazing woman...

He and I turned to each other and Ayumi was shocked, she didn’t know what to think. We couldn’t tell her that it was an ability because she would probably flipped out when she would hear that.

Ayumi: Big brother has a crush on Haruka!

Yuu: I do not!

Ayumi: Yuu and Haruka sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G, first comes-

Yuu: Ayumi. Please go to your room.

Ayumi: Well, well, well.

Ayumi left and Yuu-chan turned to me and gave me a scary glare. He seemed mad at first but he was starting to calm down. He grabbed my hand and he looked into my eyes.

Yuu: Why did you use your ability on me?

Me: I didn’t, it activated on its own, you know that I can’t control my abilities yet! I don’t know why my mind is playing tricks on me, it just bothers me. Sometimes, I feel like I’m gonna go insane from these abilities. After entering this dorm, I can see that I’m nothing more than a bother to you and Ayumi, so I’ll be taking my things and go to Tomori’s dorm.

I was heading towards the door and once I placed my hand on the doorknob, Yuu-chan stopped me from being able to open the door. I turned and saw Yuu-chan, he was staring at me...not knowing what to do.

Me: Yuu-chan let me leave. I don’t want to have to use my abilities on you! Please.

Yuu: I don’t want you to leave. You’re the only other person besides Ayumi that makes me feel wanted.

Me: What about your friends at school?

Yuu: I’m forced to be friends with them because they also have abilities. I see them as acquaintances. Tomori is a “friend of mine”. But I make you laugh, and it makes you forget about all the pain and suffering that you’ve gone through.

Me: You need to be taking care of yourself and Ayumi, she needs you! I-I just seem to be a distraction to you.

Yuu: That’s not true. I….Haruka. Please stay tonight with me. No distractions, no Ayumi, just you and me alone.

Me: Yuu…why don’t you just leave me alone? I’m a lost cause.

Yuu: No you’re not! I’m never going to let you go. Please. Don’t go.

I didn’t know what to do, I was stuck between a rock and a hard place. I was scared but Yuu-chan reassured me that everything was going to be fine. He made life sound so easy. And the thing that terrified me the most was that I started to believe him.

Me: Yuu-chan. Why do you want me here so badly?

Yuu: I-I... I…I hate to admit it, I really do but…

He couldn’t admit it, he was having a hard time, I had know idea what he was talking about, we’ve known each other for the past 6-7 hours. But he makes it seem like we’ve known each other for the longest time. My ability kicked in for the second time, I was scared to hear what he was going to say.

Yuu-chan’s thoughts: How can I tell her that she’s everything to me? So dedicated, delicate, patient, you’re the light of my day. I hate to say it but I love you.

I blushed and I looked at him, he was shocked and he turned away. He was hiding from me, I couldn’t believe that he had said that…he does love me. I don’t know how to take it.

Me: Yuu-chan…do you….really?

Yuu: I-I-I…you’re the first person that I’ve actually had feelings for. I don’t know why I feel like this, you just make life easier and I feel some sort of connection with you. As if we have known each other since we were kids.

Me: Yuu-chan. If I stay, will you calm down and can we take things slow?

Yuu: Yes. Please.

I hug him and he tries to calm down, and I wanted to tell him about what happened earlier. I want to make sure that he won’t get angry again. I wish that he was there for me while I was going through the first stages of my abilities. But still he’s a good friend and he’s also very protective.

Me: Yuu-chan, I need to tell you something. Earlier today, there was someone here watching me and before that, I was looking through my bag and I found a tracking device in my bag. They saw me throw the tracking device over the side of the railing. I don’t wanna be taken away, I-I wanna stay here with you!

I started sobbing and I was clinging onto his sweater, I tried not to lose my head, making this progress only made me worse. I didn't want him to feel sad for me, he had his own things to deal with and I felt like one of these things. I wished that he was there to protect me from my father.

Yuu: Please stop crying. I don’t Ayumi to walk in on us, and you crying. I won’t let them take you.

Me: Thank you. I don’t wanna go with them!! Please.

Yuu-chan just wanted help me, he wanted to make me feel better. But maybe we did meet somewhere, somewhere before today…when we were younger, when we were children.
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